San Mahajan Young And Talented Actor

San Mahajan The New Action Hero On The Block  , debuted in recent release movie Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana THa

Qs :You Landed From Army Directly Into Bollywood , How is the feeling?

Ans : That’s True I did land from Army into Bollywood , The feeling is very good , I am feeling  top of the world .It is a very Glamourous world and I am lucky to get so much love from the industry .

Qs :How did it happen  ?How did you  get the role ?

Ans : I have a restaurant in London along with a friend who caters to Bollywood . Through that friend I met Mr Suneel Darshan , Frankly at that time I did not knew who he was , later came to know that he has produced movies like Jaanwar , Ek Rishta and Andaz , and has worked with Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar . Suneelji told me that he wants me to play a role in his upcoming movie which he and his son are producing , the role is small but important . I was sceptical as I has tasted little bit of Bollywood before . I just told him that sir phir mukad mat jaana .After that he went back to India and I back to my business . After 3 months or ,  so I got a call from Suneelji that I been casted in the film and shooting starts tom . I was overwhelmed that Suneelji  did keep his word.

Qs : How was the shooting experience on first  day of shoot

Ans : When I came to India , I was fat and out of shape as I was out of army , still suneelji took me in the film , at that moment I realised that it is very imp to  take care of my body . As I had done many action rehearsel’s in army  , that experience helped me a lot in doing the action role with ease . Overall it was a good shoot and Suneelji is a great person .Also  Sunilji scored me 7*out of 10* which made me feel good considering that he has worked with likes of superstars. That made me realise that I can atleast try in bolllywood .The movie has released and  Many people from Bollywood and Punjabi Movie are considering taking me

Qs :Do you believe that destiny has brought you back to India?

Ans:I do believe that destiny has brought me back to my roots . I had left India when I was too young ,  I worked for 8 years in Army and then I left army in 2015 , and have business in London and Canada . But destiny landed me in India . Bollywood connected me back to my roots and I hope to stay here.

People say we have money , wealth etc but I say that I have my mother , Her Blessings have brought me back to my roots .

Qs: Did you had a desire to become an Actor ?

Ans: Honestly speaking I did not had a desire to become an actor , It is pure luck by chance that I am here . And Bollywood has welcomed me with open arms considering I do not come from any filmy background

Qs: What type of roles would you like to do ?

Ans : I am open to all kinds of roles action , romance comedy etc

Qs : Who inspires you as an actor in negative role , since your first debut is a negative character ?

Ans : My Inspiration is Mr Amrish Puri , He is the best actor in neagative roles

Qs? Nowadays There are many platforms available to act in like short films , web series and television

Ans : I am open to any kind of roles and any platform ,t television will give you popularity but Bollywood makes you a star



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