Review Of Movie Lipstick Under My Burkha

Producer : Prakash Jha

Presented By Shobha Kapoor And Ekta Kapoor

Director : Alankrita Shrivastava

Cast: Konkona Sen Sharma , Ratna Pathak Shah , Plabita Borthakur, Aahana Kumrah , Sushant Singh , Vikrant Massey , Shashank Arora , Vaibhav Tatwadi , Jagat Singh Solanki


Overview : A bold film with a strong Subject . A eye Opener

Story Line : The Story Revolves Lives of Four Woman’s Whose life are loosely connected . The film is set in small town of Bhopal .

Shireen ( Konkona Sen Sharma ) is a Sales Girl , but she is working as the same without knowledge of her husband . Shireen’s Husband Rahim (Sushant Singh ) , stays in saudi and visits home occasionaly . Whenever Rahim is in town , he forcers Shireen into passionless sex each night , She already has 3 Kids . Inspite of multiple warning from her doctor , Shireen is unable to revolt against sex . She has the opportunity to become Trainer Coach in the company but she knew her husband will never allow her to do so . What will happen next in her life is for audience to watch

Leela ( Aahana Kumra ) , a buetician by profession , is forced by her mother to marry man of her choice , on the other hand Leela is in love with her boyfreind Arshad ( Vikrant Massey) , They had planned to work and live together . They had planned to elope . Will their plan work is for the audience to watch

Rihanna(Plabita Borthakur) , is a college student , belongs to consevative muslim family , who is forced to stich burkha and wear burkha , but under the burkha , rihanna wears jeans and boots and expensive clothes and lipsticks all stolen from a mall . She is rebellious under the burkha . She has the desire to become a rockstar and listens to Led Zeppelin’s Starway To Heaven.Will   Her Consevative Parents Be Able to take all this is for the audience to watch’

Bua Ji (Ratna Pathak Shah ) , is a 55 yeaar old . She is a widow , evryone calls her buaji from 6 to 60 years . Everyone expects her to go to Satsang at this age , but she desires to learn swimming and she buys a swim suit and go to learn swimming instead . She reads erotic novel under her Satsang Boooks . She calls up each night her Handsome and Young Swim Trainer and pretends to be a fictititious character , reading from an erotic novel and engages in phone sex . What will happen when her cover is blown is for the audience to watch .

Script Analysis And Director Review : The Director Alankrita has very well directed the movie .Each Character is shown in an realistic way . The Director has presented a bold subject depicting the lifes of women especially in small town who dream life of freedom , equality in this male oriented society bueatifully . The Scirpt is very strong though the director has put up an question mark at the end as to whether really the four woman’s dream of living upto their “ipstick wale sapne “. Alankita impresses as a story teller.

Performances : Konkana Sen Sharma and Ratna Pathak Shah performances are brilliant .

Plabita Borthakur has given brilliant performance with perfect expressions .Aahana Kumrah is average .

Vikrant Massey and Sushant Singh are brilliant as per their role .

Final Word : The Film is engaging story which tends to mirror harsh reality of women in our society . A majority of Indian Women will be able to connect their lives with the lives of these 4 women . A must watch for couples , definitely not with family.


Ratings : 3.5*/5*

Watch the Trailer On This Below Link


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