Review Of Movie Mom

Director : Ravi Udwayar

Cast : Sridevi , Nawazuddin Siddiqui , Adnan Siddiqui , Sajal Ali And Akshaye Khanna

Overview : A powerful Woman Oriented Movie  With Equally Strong Performance

Story Line : The Story Revolves Around Devaki ( Sridevi ) who is A Biology Teacher , in High  school wherein her Step Daughter Aarya   ( Sajal Ali ) is also a student in her class , Aarya’s Classmate Mohit sends her some obnoxious msg , Devaki comes to know and punishes Mohit by Throwing his Mobile out of the window . Aarya is cold to Devaki  as she is unable to accept her as her mother , no matter how hard Devaki tres . Aarya is close to her father Adnan Siddiqui and has even accepted her step sister , but she is not accepting Devaki and calls her mam and not mom . Mohit is upset and when on Valentine Day at a party at farm House Mohit and his Aides , one of who belongs to criminal background , take an opportunity abducts Aarya and in the car Mohit and his Aides  gang rape aarya and throws her out of the car in a gutter .  Devaki and her husband are traumatised with what their  daughter has gone through , the trauma doubles up when the culprits  are proved not guilty due to lack of evidence . Devaki is totally shocked , She decides to take matters in her hands , She hires A Private Detective D.K ( Nawazuddind Siddiqui ) , to get info on the culprits , but CBI Headed by Akshaye Khanna comes in their way . Will  Devaki be able to take revenge from the culprits and how is for the audience to watch .


Script Analysis And Director : The script is thrilling , and not a moment is dull . The Director has done his job well . Each sequence are in sync leaving you guessing what will happen next . The Director gives a message that gone are the days when mother  just wails when injustice is done to their daughters .  Today times Mother’s need to be like Maa Kaali to fight with the culprits who have done wrong .

The dailouges of the movie are strong  like “Bhagwan Har Jagah Nahi Hote …. isliye toh Bhagwan ne Maa Banayi Hai”

Perfomances : Sridevi has given a power packed performance , she carries the entire movie on her shoulder . She is the gem star Bollywood has ever given .

NawazuddiN Siddique Has given a very good performance , he frames himself totally to his role in deep .His get up is also very strong

Pakistani Actor’s Adnan Siddique And Sajal Ali are very impressive , father and daughter  chemistry has shown will make you emotional

Final Word : A must watch for all Mom And Daughter ,  This Movie is very inspiring for Mom’s And Daughter , to be strong and fight instead of giving up

Ratings : 3.5*/5*


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