Review of Movie Guest In London

Director : Ashwini Dhar

Cast : Kartik Aaryan , Kriti Kharbanda, Paresh Rawal , Tanvi Azi , Naveen Kaushik , Sanjay Kaushik

Overview : While Athiti Tum Kab Jaoge was a laugh riot but this Movie Guest In London is nowhere close to it .

Story Line : The Story Revoves round Aryan (Kartik Aaryan ) who is in  staying and working in London , He and his British Indian Friend plan to do fake wedding to fulfil both of their requirements, Aryan to get citizenship and Anaya to get a home . Ten Days before Marriage , An elderly Couple , who are a distant relative of Aryan arrives In London , Chacha (Paresh Rawal ) and Guddi Chachi ( Tanvi Azmi ) , Aryan has no choice but to accommodate them in his home . Aryan’s and Anaya Friends advises them to welcome the elderly couple as they will be helpful to prove their wedding real .  They both reluctantly welcomes the elderly couple and manage to tolerate their irritating , non sense and interfering but loving nature , after their wedding is done with , and the elderly couple  don’t give any signs of  leaving , Aryan and Anaya decide to get rid of both of them . Will they be able to do so ? What is the real Reason for Chacha and Chachi’s visit is for the audience to watch

Script Analysis And Director Review : Though Athiti Tum Kab Jaoge was a hilarious movie , this Guest In London is totally opposite . The script is half baked , the director has incorporated racist and surgical jokes trying to make audience laugh but failed miserably as these jokes are not funny but silly , the director has gone to great  lengths showing fart scenes and even creating fart poem which is more sillier .

Performances : Paresh Rawal as Chacha is best but even his charm is wasted due to bad script

Sanjay Mishra as Pakistani Neighbour of Aryan is the best thing in the movie . He is too good.

Tanvi  Azmi as loving chichi is very good

Kartik Aryan looks like he is still in shadow of his  previous movie

Kriti Kharbanda has overacted


Final Word : Watch it if you have nothing good to do , it tries to be funny but it is not , it tries to get people’s sympathy but fails there too .

Rating : 1.5*/5*




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