Review of the movie Tubelight

Producer : Salma Khan , Salman Khan’

Director : Kabir Khan

Cast : Salman Khan , Sohail Khan , Zhu Zhu , Om Puri , Matin Rey Tangu

Overview : All in All A Salman Movie With A Sprinkle of Shahrukh Khan

Storyline : The story is set in a small town in Jagatpur in Kumoan region . Laxman Singh Bisht (Salman Khan ) and Bharat Singh Bisht (Sohail Khan ) , are two brothers , Though Laxman is elder brother but he is slow witted person , whom the whole villagers tease as tubelight , Bharat though being younger brother always protects Laxman from all the culprits who tease him . The two brothers become very close after their parents die and are in seperable . But Alas one day a war breaks down , the India – China War of 1962 , yes the movie is set in the 1960’s era . The Army Chiefs approaches their town of Jagatpur and request younsters to join the army as in time of need . Laxman and Bharat both goes for selection but Laxman is rejected and Bharat is Selected , Soon Bharat had to leave to go to the front to fight  , this  Laxman , he is totally vulnerable an lonely . He roams around on his cycle , thereon An Indian Woman of Chinese Origin Lee Ling (Zhu Zhu), comes from Culcutta to stay there witth her little son Guwo (Matin Ray Tangu) . While laxman hates them at first as he thinks them to be Chinese , infact the whole  town are unkind to them , but Laxman is forced to incorporate Gandhiji’s principal to befriend who you consider your enemy , `these principal’s are given by Banne Chacha (Om Puri) , who is Laxman and Bharat’s Mentor , Bbecomes close anne Chacha has taken upon himself to take care of Laxman till Bharat retuns , to distract him Banne Chacha gives him a list of Gandhiji’s principal written on paper for Laxman to follow . Soon Lee and Guwo becomes close friends of laxman . On the other hand A terrible war is declared wherein many Indian Soldiers are getting killed , Laxman is scared and keeps asking the the army chief posted there Major Rajveer Tokas ( Yashpal Sharma) , when his brother will return , but he cannot give him a proper ans . Laxman is totally frustrated and sad , at that time A Magical Troupe has come to show magic to the village people , headed by Shahrukh Khan who is magician , he teaches Laxman that if he keeps Yakeen then he can do any task which is impossible . Carrying this forward , the Magicians trick and Banne Chacha’s Preaching of keeping Yakeen on himself so much so that he can even move mountains . Laxman literallt tries to move the mountains with his Yakeen …. Its this faith of his that keeps him going and believing that his brother Bharat will come back , his belief will bring him back from Chinese Army as he is captured by them , Where on the whole town believes that his brother is dead . Will his belief will win and his brother will come or he will fail his belief , is for the audience to watch .

Srcipt Analysis And Director Review : As the film is based on English movie Little Boy , which did not fare well at the box office , so how to  expect it to work in Bollywood , the script is weak and lacks at many points . The climax and end is way too obvious . A lot more was expected from the Director Kabir Khan who has given solid hit as Bajrangi Bhaijaan . But this time he has failed .The Music is very good , The songs are  a big hit and they are the Highlight .

Performances : Salman Khan has performed very well , his body language and expressions are perfect , one can feel the innocence of his heart .

Sohail Khan is average and lacks expressions

Shahrukh Khan is very very good , especially his get up is mind blowing

Zhu Zhu is wasted . Matin is very adorable and talented

Final Word : Watch it for Salman and Matin and their bonding

Rating : 2.5*/5*



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