Salman Khan Introduce Matin Re Child Actor InTube light to Media


In the last segment of promotions for tubelight movie , a grand press meet was organised by makers of Tubelight Film . Salman Khan and Sohail Khan performed at the songs along with a dance troupe . A new song was also introduced at the event . But the main highlight of the event was the child actor Matin Re   who has played an important role in the film . Salman Khan and Matin totally entertained the media and how much Salman likes kids one can clearly witness . There was a strong bonding between Salman and Matin . Matin was the star at the event . When Kabir Khan was asked how Matin was chosen for the role , as Matin belongs to north east region of India , here one of the journo had a slip of tongue and told matin  how did he like to come to India for first time , to which Matin corrected that he is from India only and not China . Kabir Khan said that among thousands of audition were taken and then ten kids were shortlisted , with whom they had conducted a workshop for a month , amongst which Matin was chosen on the basis of his energy level .

Kabir was also asked whether Tube Light will be Releasing in China , he said that the process is on and that China has its own protocol regarding release of foreign movies .

But Tubelight will be having a biggest release nation wide and overseas .


Tube Light is Produced By Salma Khan And Salman Khan . Directed by Kabir Khan

Releasing on 23rd june 2017 in a theatre near you

Stay Tuned in for more

watch the video here


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