Salman gets candid while speaking about Katrina and Kabir

The much Awaited Tubelight which will be releasing on 23rd June 2017 , Below is the exclusive Inteview with the super star himself

Qs: Can You Share your experiences regarding your role in Tubelight ?

A: It was difficult to do such role . at the age of 51 how to get the child in you ., how to get innocence on face . we had to  research , I had to go recall back  to my childhood , remember how we were in school , also as there are many kids in house , so I had to study and copy their acts and adopt their body language . Also Tubelight is a very emotional film as it is the story of two brothers so there was also  a pressure not to go overboard with emotions

Qs: At Tubelight Trailer Launch You Said that You are a very limited actor , What Made you say so ?

A: I can call myself best performer, but people think otherwise so I rather say , I am an limited actor .


Qs : This Is Your Third time working with Kabir Khan , How is the experience ?

A: I had met Kabir Khan Before  EkTha Tiger , I had seen his work in  Kabul express  , even K atrina kaif has also worked with him in New York ,initially she was reluctant working with him . So we both have worked with him so ,  there is certain level of comfort working with him , but if he brings me bad scripts then I will not work with ,  as long as  the script is good we will certainely work together and vice a versa . So we both share a good understanding between us .

Qs:The film is based on a Hollywood Movie , How much Input had you given in scripting ?

A:I have not seen the film . I came to know about it much later , there is a film called :Little Boy “. W e bought the rights of this film , Tubelight is inspired from this film , though the story is different . In Little Boy , the boy awaits his father’s arrival whereas in tubelight , there is a simple boy who is very slow , and who is bullied by the villagers and believes that he can stop the war and he will get his brother back , not only that he believes that all soldiers return to their families .. So the film has twists and turns , and so it has many layers and variations too .

Qs:In the trailer there is a glimpse of Shahrukh , is he too really part of the film ?

A: Yes , Shahrukh has done a day’s work , He is playing a cameo in the film , but an imp role that depicts the boy’s turning point in the film . It’s an interesting twist .

Qs:Do you think that Tubelight might break Bahubali’s record , a lots of anticipation is there , do you feel the pressure ?

A:I don’t think it will break Bahubali’s Record , I don’t feel any pressure . I don’t believe in box office nos . As long as no one loses money , I am fine with that . As far as Bahubali is concerned hats off to Karan Johar to bring Bahubali to  Bollywood , look what our hindi movie goers have done to the movie , made it a super duper hit.

Qs:Will Tubelight also be releasing in China ?

A:Well China has their own protocols ,of releasing 30 to 40 foreign films yearly . S o as of now its not certain but its in the process.

Qs:Does Social Media trolls affect you ? How do you deal with such trolls ?

A:If people think that it affects me , then they are saddely mistaken because I don’t check my social media accounts anymore be it Instagram or twitter . Now on social media the scenario is totally different compared to earlier , We have started this page called ‘Being In Touch’wherein anyone who wants to know about me can follow that page . Initially there were only four lakh people are connected , but I am happy atleast these four lakh people are genuine and with real identity . Unlike filthy minded people who live in disguise , cyber officials are doing their bit to catch hold of of such cranky people who are spreading nonsense on social media

Qs:The film has a tagline ‘Kya Tumhe Yakeen Hai’. How do you give Yakeen to yourself when you feel low in personal and professional life ?

A:When I feel low , I  come out of my apartment and see my watchman and security guards and driver , and see smile on their faces inspite the fact that they are working hard and doing their duty day and night , there is not a single wrinkle of depression or tiredness on their faces , this boost me up and pumps freshness in my life .

Qs:You have worked with Katrina in many films , as an actor what do you think about her forte ?

A:Well , she is one of the most hard working actresses that I have ever met . Till today also she rehearses  for 6 to 8 days non stop . She is doing a action scene in Tiger Zinda Hai , she is been rehearsing for 6 days , infact the action team is telling her to stop , its perfect still she has not stopped rehearsing . That kind of hard work and dedication she puts in her work





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