Review of movie Mirror games ab khel shuru

Director :Vijit Sharma

Cast: Parvin Dabas , Pooja Batra, Omi Vaidya , Dhruv Bali


Overview :Its a  phshological thriller with lots of twists and turns.

Story Line : The Story revolves around Jay (Parvin Dabas ) , who is a Professor of Psychaiatric Genetics , based in New Jersey . He Himself had suffered from Schizophrenia earlier but was treated successfully . While he is working to validate his research on psychriatic Genetics , he is having trouble in his marriage . Jay’s Ex Student Rony (Dhruv Bali ) , approaches Jay to help him with his thesis work . Jay agrees to help him but on the condition that Rony Kills his wife , after much persuasion , rony agrees to do so .Rony as  per the plan kills Jay’s wife but unfortunately , Jay gets embroiled in police investigation . While investigation ,

it gets revealed that the so called rony who jay had hired as per college records had commited suicide three months back .It also leads that Jay is having symtoms of Schizophrenia and he had stopped his medication from last two months , the police appoints  dr Shonali (Pooja Batra) , who is a pyshcitrist to analysis and monitor Jay’s behaviour . What happens next , will Jay be proved innocent , what is the mystery of ronny , is for the audience to watch .

Script Analysis & Director Review : Vijit Sharma Debuts as Director , He has  directed the movie in well planned manner that will keep you posted in your seat . He has managed to touch new subject  minus the Bollywood masala , but totally intriguing . The script though is good but there are few unanswered questions in the movie .

Performances : Parvin Dabas has done an excellent job . Dhruv Bali has very well done his role switiching from a timid student to a serious killer . Pooja Batra stands out well in the movie .

Final Word : Though the movie has no commercial value , but its an interesting watch .

Rating : 3*/5*




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