Review of Movie A Death In The Gunj

Director : Konkana Sen Sharma

Cast : Om Puri , Tanuja , Ranvir Shorey , Vikrant Massey , Kalki Koelchin , Tilotama Shome

Overview : A beautiful presentation of  Indian Family With Mind of their own


Story Line :  The story is set in Macluskiegunj, Bihar, during 1979, the older Bakshis (late Om Puri and Tanuja) are having a family reunion with their daughter, Bonnie (Tilottama Shome), son-in-law Nandu (Gulshan Devaiah), grand-daughter Tani, along with their cousins, Mimi (Kalki Koechlin) and Shutu (Vikrant Massey). They are also  joined by their close family friends like just-employed Brian (Jim Sarbh) and the just-married Vikram (Ranvir Shorey), who is still having an sort of  affair with Mimi.

Shutu is a weakling , he is shy and always scared , he  is inhibited in his world itself . Vikram and others target him and always play pranks with him .  Shutu has a low esteem of himself  that’s why friends of his cousin taken advantage like  Mimi on a new when she could not get attention from Vikram , she flirts with shutu in a drunken state . Shutu  as he is a simple guy thinks that Mimi is falling in love with him , on the other hand Vikram scares him by playing game of calling spirits and revealing that shutu will die first from their group . All this leads Shutu in not so good frame of mind . What happens next is for the audience to watch .

Script Analysi And Director Review : The script is based on story written by Konkana Sen Sharma’s Father . The script is excellent revealing the intricasies of Indian Family . it depicts no matter how a family looks ideal but there is always room for differences . The cinematography is good . This is a debut of Konkana Sen Sharma , as a Director , she is brilliantly directed the movie , we can see the shadow of her mother aparna sen in this movie .

Performances : All are good as per their role but the outstanding performance is by Vikrant Massey , he has very nicely projected the emotions and thoughts of a troubled mind . We all would love to see him more


Final Word : Though it is a movie that is played in film festival but it will certainely touch your heart , a must watch movie

Ratings : 3*/5*



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