Review of movie Half Girlfreind

Producer : Shobha Kapoor , Ekta Kapoor , Chetan Bhagat , Mohit Suri
Director: Mohit Suri
Star Cast :Arjun Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Rhea Chakraborty, Vikrant Massey, Seema Biswas
 Overview: The film is adapted from Author Chetan Bhagat’s book bearing same name. In fact Chetan Bhagat is part of production of the movie
Story Line : The story revolves round Madhav Jha (ArjunKapoor), who belongs to so called royal family in a small village of Simrao located in Bihar. His mother runs a school in Simrao , where only boys study , girls cant study due to lack of toilets.  .Madhav moves to Delhi in order to get education.He gets admission via sports quota as he being a basketball champ. He tries to fit in the English speaking community of Delhi where he meets Rita Somani (Shraddha Kapoor), Who belongs to elite class and speaks  fluent English .There is nothing common between them .The only thing that brings them close is basket ball.which sticks them together. Madhav’s roommate and good friend warns him that riya is just playing with and will never be his girlfriend. Madhav in order to prove his friend wrong, questions Riya about their relationship,  she tells him that she is his half girlfriend means friend se zyaada aur girlfriend se kam,actually she is afraid of commitment. She is unable to deal with any problems in life whether it is her parents marital issue . Every time when her parents fight She runs away and finds solace by singing song atop india gate. Madhav gets provoked by his friends and he tries to get physical with ria , to test her . Ria runs away from him. Madhav tries  many times to apologise  to riya but riya does not listen in fact she announces to him that she is getting married to a rich tycoon .
Madhav is heartbroken but still he is deeply in love with her.   After a gap of 2. Years they again meet in Patna  at a hotel where Madhav was meeting a representative from U.S.A. He is shocked to hear that Ria has divorced her husband. .They once again hit  each other only to be separated again. . What happens next  .Will they ever meet is for the audience to watch.
Script Analysis & Director : The Script is based on book as we all know , but the second half do drag , otherwise the movie is shot beautifully , also the background score and the music is very soothing . Director Mohit Suri who  has given us Ek Villian , Aashiqui 2 , seems concentrating more on making Shraddha Kapoor look beautiful , rather than direction .
Performances: Arjun  Kapoor has tried hard to act as non English speaking guy but he is not suitable for this behari babu role . Though he has acted well .
Shraddha Kapoor though she is looking bueatiful but she seems to be doing same type of acting.
Vikrant Massey as Arjun’s Friend is fantastic , he has acted very well
 Final Word : Watch the movie for its music and cinematography .
Rating : 3*/5*
Watch the trailer here

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