Review of Movie Hindi Medium

Producer :  Dinesh Vijan & Bhushan Kumar (T.Series)

Director : Saket Chowdhary

Cast : Irrfan Khan , Saba Qamar , Deepak Dobriyal , Swati Das . Dishita Sehgal ,Amrita Singh . Sanjay Suri and  Neha Dhupia in a comeo role


Overview : Hindi Medium hits the hard reality  about how hard it is for hindi speaking parents to get good education for their children in good schools , how education has become a means of business .

Story Line : The story revolves round Raj Batra (Irrfan Khan ) and his wife Mita (Saba Qamar ) , who are a loving couple and are very well off . Raj Batra owns a duplicate desingner shop in Chandni Chowk Delhi  and they reside also in chandni chowk . They have a daughter Pia , for whose education Mita is very much concerned . She is determined to get their daughter educated in Top Class English Medium School . In order to fulfil this she convinces her husband to move to a posh locality in Vasant Vihar . After moving there they both try hard to fit in the elite class in that area. They make all attempts to get admission for their daughter in top school . Mita shortlists 5 top schools of Delhi , they put in all efforts which includes  going through consultant . grooming themselves and their daughter , but alas all their efforts are failed and out of 5 school , 4 school rejects their form . Now only their last hope is English Grammar School the topmost school whose principal is Amrita Singh who is on the face very strict but inside she is corrupt .

Raj comes to know that there is a possibility to get admission in English grammar school if they fill up the form under poor people quota , wherein as per govt rule of right to education a certain percentage of seats need to be kept aside for poor people . Raj and Mita take am extreme step and they move in to Bharat Nagar slum area to present themselves as poor . At Bharat Nagar they meet Shyam Prakash and his wife who not only helps them but also risk their life to get admission for pia during inspection by school authorities , while they themselves also try to get admission for their son in the same school . What happens next will Pia get admission in the English medium school . What will happen to the family ? All this is for the audience to watch

Scrpit Analysis And Director Review : The script is very good especially  in the first half of the movie , though the second half could have been better as the ending could have been better , the script loses grip towards the end

Director Saket Chowdhary whose Shaadi ke Side effects did not work well , but in this movie he has thrown light on many issues like wise how hindi speaking people are looked down upon in elite class ,the plight of such parents who are from hindi medium inspite of being well off have to struggle to get good eduction for their children all this shown beautifully . Saket also with this movie tries to spotlight the issue that how in India Good Education has a big price tag . How education system has become a means of Business in today’s time . Even the plight of public school is shown aptly

Performances : Irrfan Khan is at his best . He has enacted  humour and seriousness both with finesse . Saba Qamar has done an impressive job with her hyper dialogues at various point in the film .

Deepak Dobriyal is very good

Amrita Singh has played her role to perfection.

Final Word : A must watch movie for all . Watch how Englishtan has replaced Hindustan in today’s time. Many parents will relate to this subject

Rating : 3.5*/5*

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