Review Of Movie Meri Pyaari Bindu

Production House : YRF Films


Director : Akshay Roy


Cast : Parineeti Chopra , Ayushmann Khurrana , Aparajita Adhya , Rajatava Dutta


Story Line : A Musical Journey connecting life and love of Abhi and Bindu .


Story Line : The story begins with Abhimanyu aka Bubla Roy (Ayushmann Khurrana) , who has persued his desire to become a writer leaving behind his bright career of investment banker . He specialises in writing an horror -erotica fiction . With two best selling books chudial ki choli and other to his credit , but the publisher is after him to write a third book as its high time that he did , Abhi realises that its time to change his writing genre and so he decides to write a romantic book . He decides to pen down his own love story from which he had been running away for a long time . He titles his book  Meri Pyaari Bindu . Bindu(Parineeti Chopra ) , is his childhood sweetheart cum neighbour . Bindu a south indian girl shifts to Kolkata when she was 5 years old next to abhi  , from there on their friendship begins , amidst lots of fun and mischiefs they grow up from childhood to adulthood . They go through many phases of life together , though at many times they are drifted apart due to their career needs . But nevertheless after a lots of confusion , Abhi realises that he is in love with bindu , but bimdu is quite unsettled , she has aspirations to become a singer and perform on stage world wide , but she fails to fulfil her dream . In between all this Abhi proposes to her but she rejects his proposal as she is frustrated . She flies off to Banglore , Abhi is heart broken and shattered . Though Bindu tries to connect with him to apologise but he ignores her . Then after a period of 2 years Bindu calls Abhi to give him some news . What is this news ? Will Bindu be back in Abhi’s life is for the audience to watch .


Script Analysis & Director Review : The script is very poor  It had nothing new to offer , such stories recently we have seen in many movies . The script goes in flashback mostly , and scenes look lots of repitive . The Director Akshay Roy Debuts as Director but he needs to learn a lot , though he has portrayed the mind set of today’s young generation is so confused about relationships . The dialogue of Ayushmann Pyaar Karna Toh Har Koi Sikhata Hai Lekin Pyaar Ko Kaise Bhule Yeh Koi Nhi Sikhata ” This dialogue is very aptly placed and the logic behind it is justified totally that  is the only positive point of the movie . The Director has buetifully shown friendship between Abhi and Bindu , its just the weak script just overcomes all that . The Music will leave you nostalgic as it has songs recreated from 80’s and 90’s which gives the film a good look , and Kolkatta setting and in the age of computers Abhi types his book on an type writer will make you nostalgic about the era of type writers and music cassete which is refreshing .


Performances : Parineeti  as Bindu has done a good job of bubbly character full of life , she has played the character combining characteristics of shudh desi romance and befikre , She has played the role of a girl who does not complete anything and leaves everthing halfway perfectly .

Ayushmann as Abhi is not hero material ,the characteristics of a  next door boy and best buddy suits him and so the role is perfect for him .


Abhi’s Bengali Family is refreshing and hilarious , which gives light moments to the movie.


Final Words : Watch it for recalling 80′ and 90′ music and era


Ratings: 2 */5*


Click this link to watch trailer :


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