Review of the Movie Begum Jaan

Producers: Mukesh Bhatt , Vishesh Bhatt

Director : Srijit Mukherjee

Cast : Vidya Balan , Gauhar Khan , Ila Arun , Pallavi Sharda , Mishti , Flora Saini , Pitobash , Rajit    Kapoor , Ashish Vidyarthi , Vivek Mushran

Overview : The film highlights the big issue that even after independence still India is not independent . Women are not safe and the caste and creed differnces still exist . The film portrays a hope in a form of a song “Woh Subah Kabhi toh aayegi” .

Story Line : The story opens with an incident in New Delhi in the year 2016 , where in a boy and girl travelling by bus at night is harassed by a bunch of hooligans . The story then reels back to pre independence era 70 years back . 70 years back on th eve of independence , with one side announcement of freedom on the other hand announcement of separation of India and Pakistan by British officer Cyril Redcliffe . Redcliffe ordered to build a partition line between India and Pakisan before leaving India .But Unfortunately this line of partition has to cross in between a big House , wherein Begum Jaan is staying with 11 girls who are prostitutes and Begum Jaan (Vidya Balan), is running this brothel  .As Begum Jaans Brothrel falls in the way of partition , she gets a notice from thr government to vacate the place . But Stubborn Begum Jaan refuses to leave and seeks help from the local king (Naseeruddin Shah) , whose patronage over Begum Jaan is the reason for her arrogance .According to Begum Jaan her kotha is home for her and 11 girls and she is the head of that family , she refuses to bend under pressure of INC Leader Hari Prasd (Ashish Vidyarthi ).and Muslim League Leader  Iilyas (Rajit Kapoor ) .They both then resort to vacant the house at any cost , they appoint a local goon who has many people in his team to threaten her , on the other hand the King’s inability to protect the brothel anymore , Begum trains her girls to fight for any situation that they need to face . From thereon  begins a roller coaster of action . What happens next is for the audience to watch .

Script Analysis And Director Review : The script is highly melodramatic which gives a negative impact on an otherwise powerful story . The Director fails to recreate the same magic of his own Bengali Film Raj Kahini starring Ritupurna Sengupta . The biggest drawback of the movie is its over melodrama and screeching voices of girls in the brothrel , Though the powerfully captured scene in the movie is wherein Begum Jaan repeatedly slaps  Shabnam  a young girl who has been traumatised and raped and her father has hrown her in the brothrel . Though overall story fails to leave an impact some dialogues are good but the climax of the movie can be too harsh and hard for the audience to watch .

Performances : Vidya Balan is the Power House OF Talent She has given a powerful performance. Her get up and her body language are totally in sync with her character , hookah smoking , , searing at the word go and big eyes like a lioness. Amongst other Gauhar khan , Pitobash , And Pallavi Sharda have managed to create a good impact .Chunky Pandey is super as Kabir the villain .

Final Word : Though the movie is hard hitting and gives a strong message . Watch it only if you like melodrama and Vidya Balan Fan
Rating :  2.5*/5*


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