Nargis Fakhri Launches Her Own App

n1Nargis Fakhri, launched her new mobile app in collaboration with New York-based tech firm EscapeX. The new trend in Bollywood nowadays is , app launch of celebrities , starting from Sunny leone, Sonam Kapoor , Disha patni , Sanjeev Kapoor and now Nargis Fakhri joins the league .


The new app will enable fans to access Nargis’s social handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), exclusive content and directly interact with her through the in-app social feed. This provides an unparalleled experience for her large fan base, who will enjoy unique & exclusive content from Nargis and a personal view of her life.

The app will provide unique features like push notifications , featured Videos , Superstar posts, contest , superfan badges , a subscription service , and live Broadcast and chat between Nargis and her fans .


During the event, Nargis on a lighter note revealed that through this app, she will also sharing dating tips with her followers  . One such tip she shared with the media ,
She said, “If a guy is taking a girl for a tea or coffee, then I will advise you to please  pay  for her tea or coffee and if you can’t afford to pay for it then bring a tharmas and go for a picnic. I have so many stories from my friends about dating and when they share such incidents with me , and through this app I can share some interesting and funny stories about dating.”

By Creating her own branded app , Nargis hopes to provide key  massive fan base with very interesting content all through the year , a better social and interactive experience ..



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