Review of Movie Mirza Juuliet

Director : Rajesh Ram Singh

Cast : Darshan Kumar , Piaa Bajpai , Priyanshu Chatterjee ,Swanand Kirkire , Chandan Roy Sanyal


Overview : Mirza Juuliet is a mixture of Mirzya and Isahqzaade.

Story Line : The movie is based in Mirzapur (U.P) , when a politician gets shot at mysteriously in a religious conflict. The politician was the uncke of Rajan Pandey (Chandan Roy Sanyal ) . Rajan is the fiancée of Juliee Shukla (Pia Bajpai ) , who also belongs to a political family consisting of her three brothers and their wife . Her Elder Brother Dharamraj (Priyanshu Chatterjee) , has fixed her marriage with Rajan as he belomg to much more political influenced family .

Juliee is Spunky girl , and thinks herself as queen due to her brothers political position . But She is totally upset with her fiancée and fed up with his pre marriage demands .. In between all this Juliee meets Mirza (Darshan Kumar) , who happens to be her childhood friend . They meet after 15 years . The two of them soon grow close to each other and very soon fall in love with each other . From there onwards a roller coster ride starts . What will happen to their love story ? Where was Mirza for 15 years . All this is for the audience to watch .

Script Analysis and Director Review : The script of the movie is weak . It is adaptation of Mirzya and Isqhzaade , the political angle from ishqzaade and love story of mirzya . The only difference is the movie is based in  U.P , which is politically focused currently in real life.

The Director goes haywire with the script , on one hand he has portrayed Juliees character as a strong and overly outspoken girl who does not bat an eyelid before hitting men around who misbehaves , and also bold enough to sleep around with Mirza just to prove to her finance that she knows more about sex than him , on the other hand the director has portrayed in the same film , juliee’s sister in law justifying domestic violence as husbands love . Its all bizzare , the way woman’s character is potrayed in this movie . Even the climax of the movie is totally pretictable . The script has nothing new to offer .

Performances : Pia Bajpai as Juliee has powerful screen presence due to her bold and loud  character which she has performed perfectly . Darshan Kumar is totally confused about his character . He could have done much better . Chandan Roy Sanyal as Rajan tries to portray his character as comic but miserably fails resulting  in his character ending up neither as comic nor  villanious. Priyanshu Chatterjee has done a good job as Dharamraj . Others are average.

Final Words : Mirza Juliiet has nothing new to offer , complete waste of time and money . Watch it if you have nothing better to do

Ratings : 1.5*/5*





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