Review Of The Movie Phillauri

Producer : Anushka Sharma , Karnesh Sharma

Director : Anshai Lal

Cast : Anushka Sharma , Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Pizada


Overview : Phillauri is a beautiful love story amalgamating world of spirits with humans world

Story Line : The story  begins with Kanan (Suraj Sharma) ,who is a young boy and  has returned after 3 years in  Canada to get married to his childhood sweet heart . Anu (Mehreen Pizada) in Amritsar . But Kanan is declared Manglik , so he is advised to first  get married to a particular tree in order to have a smooth life post marriage .

Reluctantly he agrees to get married to the tree due to parental pressure , only to find later that he has also married a ghost of Shashi (Anushka Sharma) , whose soul lived on tree for many years. Shashi follows him home , at first Kanan is scared with Shashi and he is unable to explain this bout with Ghost to Anu , also he is struggling a battle of getting married so soon as he is not settled yet  , only completed studies . Anu is upset with Kanan and takes him up wrongly .

Later Kanan is fascinated by Shashi’s story , Shashi’s  story is set in 1919 in  pre independence era  set in small village of phillaur in Punjab , Kanan  finally tells Anu about Shashi and both of them try to figure out how Shashi  can be free from her spirit , There is a major mystery  revolved around Shashi’s love story that is revealed in the climax by Kanan and Anu . What is Shashi’s Mystery  and why did she die , will Kanan be able to free Shashi of her spirit is for the audience to watch.

Script Review And Director Analysis :Script of the movie is good . It plays the concept of love in two time frames simultaneously . The gone by  era of Shashi and Daljit and new age era of  Kanan and Anu are blended beautifully, Anshai Lal has very well directed the movie , especially the climax is shot beautifully . The special effects and the vfx of the movie is fantastic . The poetries of Phillauri is beautiful and blend well in the romance of bygone era with good music .

Performances : Anushka Sharma , the bride in spirir has done a fantastic  job Visual effect is the key contributor in making Anushka look dreamy and not scary at all.

Diljit Dosanjh has amazing screen presence , He compliments well with his character .who has a change of heart and performs the transformation quite well.

Suraj Sharma aptly portrays the role of an N.R.I , He is dumbfounded as his character is such , he has done total justice .

Mehreen Pizada has done her debut with this film , this fresh face is delightful.

Final Words : The movie gives a strong message that love is eternal . Shashi’s friendly ghost will surely win your heart . Watch it for fun and good visual effects .

Ratings : 3*/5*


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