Review of Movie Mantra

Director : Nicholas Kharkongor

Cast : Rajat Kapoor , Kalki Koechlin  , Shiv Pandit , Lushin Dubey

Overview :Movie is based on the rise and fall of Popular Chip Brand due to changing govt policies.

Story Line : The story is set up in the new millennium , year 2000, wherein India’s Economy was changing for better , with foreign investment been opened by the govt , but all is not well with Mr Kapil Kapoor , owner of popular chip brand Kings Chip . While multinational Company’s buying out the market on the large scale . Kapil Kapoor has to fight the losing battle to save his company going into bankruptcy . Apart from his professional life even his personal life is also in a turmoil. He has 3 children , The elder son (Shiv Pandit ) , is not interested in his father’s business , rather he is persueing his own restaurant business.  Kapil’s daughter Pia (Kalki Keochlin ) , is fed up to stay with her parents and wants to move out . Kapil’s youngest son Vir (Rohan Joshi ). who is just 16 years old , but who is head over heels in love with a girl with children , whose marriage is on the verge of breaking up . Vir met her in virtual world chatting on the net . That’s not all even Kapil’s wife is also frustrated with him and wants a divorce just because they have not been intimated for a very long time . All the family members do not share their views or troubles with each other . Each one of them is fighting their own battle . Kapil tries hard to maintain his graceful smile inspite his whole world is on the verge to tear apart. What will happen to Kapil’s business , will he be able to save his company and his personal life is for the audience to watch.

Script Review And Director Analysis: The script is written well. Director Nicholas manages to narrate multiple stories in an effective and engaging manner . The Director Nicholas has tried to reflect dysfunctional family that is fighting to stay afloat in the chaotic Urban Life .

Performances : Rajat Kapoor has done a fantastic job , brilliant strayed father who tries to keep his family bonded , on the other hand  a sensible business man trying to save his company , both roles he has shined through . Shiv Pandit’s role as angry young man is good . Kalki is fine as per her role .


Final Word : Mantra is a bold film that delves into the complex world of relationships in Urban India . A must watch for all urbans .

Ratings : 3.5*/5*


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