Review of Movie Machine

Director  Duo : Abbas – Mastan Burmawalla

Cast : Abbas Burmawalla , Kiara Advani , Ronit Roy

Overview : Machine is a messed up version of the 90’s hit movie Baazigar directed by the same duo .

Story Line : The movie is set up in the beautiful locales of north India where Sarah Thapar heir of the Thapar Family is a college student and also is a car racer . She participates in the Car Racing competition . But she loses the race to Ransh (Mustafa Burmawala) , who is also a new intern in her college itself . Sarah is totally impressed with Ransh and both of them klick . On the other hand Sarah off lately she has been getting surprise gifts and messages from a secret admirer . She thinks her secret admirer is Ransh . To confirm her hunch , she decides to meet her secret admirer on a love lock bridge , but unfortunately near the bridge her best friend Aditya (Ahsaan Shanker ) , who also is reveld as the secret admirer is killed by a speeding car . After recovering from the greif of losing her best friend , she gets close to Ransh , Ransh proposes to her and after getting approval from her father ,both Sarah and Ransh get married .


A major twist awaits Sarah post her marriage as her life is about to change , She gets the shock of her life when she finds a major secret about Ransh . She gets another blow when she also stumbles upon a major  secret about her father too. She is toatally jolted . What is the secret  ? There are many twist and turns and plot and sub plots . This all is for the audience to watch.


Script Review And Director Analysis : The script is very bad and has nothing new to offer . Abbas Mastan has made a mess of the movie . though it has all the Abbas Mastan elements of twists and turns and murders plot , speeding car and good locations but the script has managed to mess all that up . Music is badly done up . Only good thing is the exotic locations of north India which is captured beautifully .


Performances : Mustafa debuts in this film . He is insync with the name of the movie machine . He acts only as a machine ,, he lacks any dancing and acting skills . Kiara Advani only flaunts her flowing gowns and blushes her eye lashes . She has not progressed on the acting skills inspite this being her 3 release . Ronit Roy  is a breather in the movie . He has acted very well in a negative role .


Final Word : You have to be a Machine to watch machine . Watch it if you have no brains


Ratings : 1.5*/5*


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