Review of movie badrinath ki dulhania

Director : Shashank Khaitan

Cast : Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sahil Valid

Overview: Its  ROM Com that is light in its approach but deep down has a strong msg to deliver.

Storyline : The story is set up in small towns of Jhansi and Kota . Badrinath Bansal is from jhansi . His father is a patraich and due to his big financial status , Badri considers himself as the most eligible bachelor from jhansi. His father is very strict and does not let his elder sons wife work inspire of she being educated .Badri meets Vaidehi Trivedi (Alia Bhatt ) at a friends wedding in Kota. Badri is smitten by her spunky attitude .She is Bold and Ambitious and wants to be an Air Hostess.

Badri proposes to Vaidehi but she declines him .He tries all tricks and trades to impress her. She finally agrees on a condition that he helps to find suitable groom for her elder sister Kritika .Badri puts up efforts and finds suitable groom for kritika on the pretext that both sister’s marry on the same day. On the day of Wedding little did Badri knew that he will get the shock of his life. A twist happens that tears him apart. Badri and Vaidehi are separated. What is the twist ? What will Badri’s father do ? Will Vaidehi and Badri get together ? This all is for the audience to watch.

Script Analysis and Director Review : Director Shashank has given a good script with a strong message that in this day and age when women HV reached at top most level but there are still some people in small towns where still dowry system prevails and daughters are considered as liability whereas sons as asset. The film attempts to change the mentality of such people who do not treat daughters and son equally and don’t give respect to women.The first half is entertaining and there are fun moments. The second half is set in Singapore there are fun moments but the story drags a bit . The music is foot tapping.

Performance : Alia Bhatt as Vaidehi has played her role perfectly. She has given her 100%. She shines as Vaidehi and she has maintained her accent of small town girl throughout the film. She is bold and Confident. Her chemistry with Varun is very strong. Varun as Badri is cute as well as notorious . though he slip s sometimes in maintaining his U.P accent. Overall both are cute together.Sahil Ved as Somdev who plays bestie to Varun is the highlight of the movie. His conversation with badri are hilarious and cute.

Final Word :Badrinath kidulhania can make a fun weekend watch matching with the spirit of holi .

Ratings : 3*/5″




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