Review of movie lion



    Star Cast: Dev Patel, Sunny Pawar, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara

Director: Garth Davis
Overview : Lion is a real story of Saroo Brakerley
Story : The story is based in small village in Khandwa district. Saroo a 5 year old boy along with his elder brother do small odd jobs and help their mother who is a labourer. One day saroo insists his elder brother to take him along for an overnight job. On reaching station little saroo gets tired and dozes off to sleep. His elder brother leaves him on station bench to sleep . He goes to work. When saroo gets up on not seeing his brother panics and boards a locked train . He is stuck in train and reaches 1600 kms far from home in Kolkata. Saroo is totally lost in this big city .He faces many difficulties and dangers . ultimately land up in an orphanage in Kolkata. From the he is adopted by Couple from Australia . Twenty years later he is educated and polished . but somewhere I the back of his mind he misses his family. He is desperate to trace his roots in India , but he does not have any memory about his birthplace. He has only vague pictures in his most mind. He connects with google earth .For 2 years he tries to search about his hometown. What happens next .Will he be able to reconnect with his roots and trace his family is for audience to watch.
Director Analysis : Garth Davis debuts in film direction with this film. He has very well directed the movie. Specially scenes shot in Kolkata are shown in total reality . Raw truth has been shown of kids o street. Though second half drags in film .But all worth
Performances: Child actor sunny pawar as little saroo is mind blowing. His innocent eyes and his acting will bring your heart to mouth. He is brilliant. Dev Patel as grown up saroo is fine though he could HV done better.
Tannistha Chatterjee and Nawazuddin Sidiqui have a cameo
Final Word : A must watch for all people who do feel for pain for thousand of kids who get lost and are away from their roots.
Ratings : 3.5*/5*

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