Review of movie Running Shaadi

Director : Amit Roy

Cast : Tapsee Pannu, Amit Sadh, Arsh Bajwa, Brijendra Kala

Overview :Running Shaadi is a good attempt at creating a funny affair

Storyline:The Story is about a simple guy Bharose (Amit Sadh )from Patna who works in Amritsar in a saree shop . While working he gets attracted to the daughter of the shop keeper Nimmi (Tapsee Pannu). She also likes him but she is embarrass to admit their relationship. Frustrated Bharose moves on and accepts the proposal that his uncle in Patna has fixed for him . On the other hand he also quits his job. While roaming around for job he witnesses that a couple is beaten up by their family for eloping . Bharose gets an idea to start up a business . He shares his idea with his room mate Cyberjeet Singh (Arsh Bajwa). Both together set up a website running shaadi. Through this website they provide services to couple to want to get married as per their choice. They provide full service right from helping them to elope till legally getting them married and finally patch up with parents. Their business gets a good response . Until one day Nimmi approaches Bharose to help her elope , with shanty, little did Bharose knew that it was a trap set by Nimmi and the groom was none other than Bharose himself. From there onwards starts the roller coaster ride as nimmi’s parents are furious and hunting for them . The chase goes on from Amritsar to Dalhousie and Patna. What happens next is for the audience to watch.

Script Analysis : The script in first half is good with many fun moments .But second half is stretched off and the script goes haywire. Director Amit Roy has captured the essence of small towns perfectly . Each character accent and lifestyle is depicted to the mark.

Performances: Tapsee Pannu is great in her role portraying a role of bold and straightforward small town girl who is not ashamed of even buying a pack of condoms

Amit Sadh is done an average job on his part

Arsh Bajwa has done a very good job  he is funny and witty at the same time

Final Word: Running Shaadi is a light entertaining movie. If you like fun in the run type of movie then its for you.

Ratings 3*/5*




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