Review Of The Movie Jolly LLB 2


Director : Subhash Kapoor

Cast : Akshay Kumar , Huma Qureshi , Saurabh Shukla , Sayani Gupta

Overview : Jolly LLb 2 is entertaining as well as hard hitting

Story Line : The story is set in Lucknow where Jagdishwar Mishra aka Jolly (Akshay Kumar), is a struggling lawyer who makes his living assisting a big time lawyer . also on the side he takes up small cases individually . His wife is Huma Qureshi who supports him totally in thick and thin .Jolly has a desire of having his own chamber and make his father proud . To fulfil his desire he takes up case of Hina (Sayani Gupta) , whose husband Iqbal has been killed by cop Suryveer Singh (Kumud Mistra)y in police encounter . But unfortunately Jollhim . y mess up the Hina’s Case leading her to commit suicide . This incident turns Jolly’s life as his conscience beats him . He  apologies and promises Iqbal’s Father that he will fight to get justice for Iqbal’s death . Jolly Takes up a legal battle against the cop Suryveer who has hired a top Lawyer Sachin Mathur (Annu Kapoor ) , The case is very complicated involving terriorism corruption and fake encounters  .Why was Iqbal killed ? Will Jolly be able to get justice ? What tough situations he has to face from Opposition is for the Audience to watch .

Script Review And Director Analysis : Subhash Kapoor who has given us Jolly LLb before has managed to gives us yet again a court room drama with a good plot . He has directed the movie quite well . The movie has many light moments escpecially by Judge Tripathy (Saurabh Shukla) , who was in Part 1 also . Dailogues are quiet quirky . The portrayal of Indian Judiciary and how things progress in lower courts is depicted quite aptly .Subhash Kapoor has succeeded in presenting a movie that have mix of light and funny moments simultaneously hits hard on how our Judicial System Functions as number of judges are too short compared to number of cases filed and thus it takes too long to get justice .

Performances : Akshay Kumar as Jolly shines in the movie . He fits in the role perfectly which initially played  a schemer and con Hina  to transforming into somebody who is determined to get justice for Hina and Iqbal  .

Saurabh Shukla is the best thing that can happen to this film . His performance is beyond any comparison . With great ease we see him do goofy things like dance to Gulaabo  and also resuming court till 3 am .

Sayani Gupta though has a cameo but she has managed to leave a strong impact .

Huma Qureshi as Akshay;s Wife Pushpa is alright in her role .

Kumud Mishra as the Alleged Cop has done a negative role for a change , but he has pulled off the role perfectly.

Final Words: Jolly LLB 2 is an interesting Court Room Drama that has both entertainment and hard hitting . There is not a single dull moment

Rating : 3.5*/5*


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