Raveena shines at IDA charity event with kids

img-20170209-wa0000img-20170209-wa0000Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon is known for her charity work, so it comes as no surprise when she goes out of her way to support a cause. The popular actress of tinsel town sure know how to do her bit to make a difference in the world. In an encouraging development, Raveena has been a great supporter of IDA India (In Defence of Animals). In order to promote charity organisation.

Mast mast girl believes that every human being should have compassion within him, especially towards the weak.

At a fundraising event for NGO IDA, Raveena said: “I think this is very good cause by IDA to sterilise the stray and rescued animals. It is a community service. We bring those animals who are injured and hurt in accidents for treatments.”

“Regarding this, an awareness is very much needed as I believe compassion is very necessary for every human being.”

Raveena’s children Rasha and Ranbirvardhan, who were made ‘cub ambassadors’ through an initiative called the Compassionate Kids Club, were also awarded at the event.

Raveena said: “My children made handmade bracelets and collected Rs 50,000 for the organisation as part of the Compassionate Kids Club (CKC), so they both got felicitated.”

“According to the statistics in most of the criminal cases, the criminals have a history of showing cruelty towards the weaker and the animals. I would say whenever you see some sign of this type of mentality in someone, please alert them. We need to bring awareness that we should protect the weaker section not do any harm to them.”

We must say it is heartening to see her getting involve with a good cause.


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