Celebrities come together for the launch of Ms. Lina Ashar’s book – ‘Drama Teen’

panel-discussion-at-the-book-launch-of-drama-teenSohail Khan, Priya Dutt, Shekhar Ravijani and Pooja Bedi

come together for the launch of ‘ Drama Teen’

Academician and Founder of Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd, Lina Ashar launched her second book called ‘Drama Teen: A Cool-Headed Guide for Parents and Teenagers’. The launch witnessed a panel discussion where celebrities like
Sohail Khan, Priya Dutt, Shekhar Ravijani and Pooja Bedi discussed topics like resolving conflicts between parents and teens and preparing teens for puberty.


Pooja Bedi said, “These days kids get easily influenced because of internet. You can’t control them but protect them. Kids do not come with how to operate manuals. I have single handedly raised my children and even after sharing the same house, food, lifestyle, both have grown up to be completely different individuals.”

Mitali Kakkar added, “It was a chaotic experience when it came to raising up three boys. We tried to keep as much discipline when it came to things like eating dinner together and attending family gatherings.”

Ms. Lina Ashar commented, “In this book I have addressed the issues that both parent and teenage face these days. Inspired by real-life experiences, this book is more like a guide for parents and teenagers to understand each other without much conflict.”

The book talks about ways to minimize the pain and trauma the ‘drama-teen’ phase can cause both to the teens and their parents. Packed with practical advice, tips, what-not-to-dos and activities, the book guides you to keep your cool through those complicated years


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