Shahrukh Khan Launches Karan Johar’s Book

Karan Johar is one such celebrity who has never shied away from speaking what’s on his mind. Be it about his relationship with Shah Rukh Khan, his sexual orientation, or his fallout with Kajol – Karan has always been extremely honest about his life to the media. No wonder the paparazzi loves him! The film maker launched his first ever book “An Unsuitable Boy” in Mumbai today which has him make some shocking revelations about hi life. From talking about it tiff with Kareena Kapoor Khan to coming out of the closet, Karan has said it all in his book. The book was launched today by none other than Shah Rukh Khan

Karan Johar conversed with Shobha De speaking about the content of the book . Speaking about Shahrukh Khan he said that he shares a special bond with him and his family .That Shahrukh is the most humble person and he gives him extreme respect.

On the subject of Kajol, however, Karan was less forthcoming.

“I don’t want to say anything more (about her),” he told Shobhaa. “Chapters end. Books end. Relationships end.”

It was Shah Rukh Khan who had the most touching words of the evening.
As he took to the stage to launch the book, he delivered an ode to his friend and colleague of many years:
“Karan’s is an extremely beautiful and important life,” SRK said. “Why ‘An Unsuitable Boy’? His autobiography could have have been titled ‘The Good Boy’. His parents would vouch for that. It could also be called ‘The Intelligent Boy’. Not in terms of Wikipedia knowledge, but Karan has the gift of knowing people inside out. It is very tough to keep up with me so I can say he is one of the best conversationalists (I have come across). His book could even have been titled ‘The Sensitive Boy’ — even I am very sensitive, so I know!”
“It could have been called ‘The Brave Boy’,” SRK continued. “He will remain the most beautiful boy I have ever seen in my life. After 25 years of work, and at 51 years of age, I feel I have truly arrived because there is a full chapter dedicated to me in his book.”

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