Review of the Movie Ok Jaanu

Director : Shaad Ali

Cast : Aditya Roy Kapoor , Shraddha Kapoor , Naseeruddin Shah , Leela Samson

Overview : Its a delight to watch the chemistry between the Aashiqui 2 stars Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor.

Storyline : The story begins with Adi (Aditya Roy Kapoor) , a video game developer who saves a stranger girl Tara who is an architect , Due to  frustration she was about to jump in front of a local train in Mumbai  after a fight with her boyfriend .Both Adi and Tara  are from different cities , Adi is staying on rent at a  retired  high court  judge’s  G.Shrivastav(Naseeeruddin Shah) House  ,  Judge’s wife wife charu (Leela Samson) is a classical  singer but she is suffering from Alzheimer . On the other hand Tara is staying at working woman’s hostel .

After their dramatic meeting , they again meet at Adi’s friends wedding , from there on both of them hits off together . They get attracted to each other and fall in love , so much so that Adi follows Tara on her work assignment to Ahemdabad , there they spend quality time with each other , on returning to Mumbai ,  Tara moves in with Adi in his rented place , Though the judge is reluctant about this arrangement of live in relationship but Tara’s innocence and her equation with his wife leads him to agree   to this move in with Adi .  Both Tara and Adi initially believed and agreed to a  no strings attached relationship as their prime priorities were their career . Adi wants  to go to USA to launch his new game Mumbai 2.0  and earn big , on the other hand Tara wants to  go to Paris to do . advanced course in Architecture .

Six months pass by  Judge and his wife grows fondness  for the youngsters and both of them also rescue couple of times  Charu aunty who often leave house in her state of her disease .On the other hand  the aged couple’s bonding and love for each other inspires Adi and Tara . They too become very close, so much so that each of them worries about the other when they cannot find each other . But the time flies off to fast and  only ten days are left  for both of them to separate from each other Both of them are upset to leave each other .

What will happen  to their relationship , will they be separated and follow their career path is for the audience to watch .

Script Analysis : There is nothing new in the story . Recently Bollywood has witnessed many movies based on this subject of no strings attached relationship , more recently befikre is in the same line . The movie has been shot in the public transportation system like the local train and the BEST Bus which is a delight to watch reminds us of yester year movie choti si baat . The cinematography of the movie is good specially shot in some very busy and old streets of Mumbai especially in rainy season.

Performances : Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor share great chemistry on screen . Both of them have played their role to perfection . Naseeruddin Shah is a delight to watch .Leela Samson is adorable. Old is Gold .

The music is good and enjoyable which makes the movie entertaining , especially it will appeal to youngsters .

Final Words : Its a light hearted movie , watch it to enjoy and celebrate life . The movie has a message for youngstersthat love should be forever and one should not let go of your soul mate if you have met him/her . Career and love both are equally important .Its a must watch for today’s generation .

Ratings : 3*/5*


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