Review of the movie Haraamkhor

Director :  Shlok Sharma

Producer : Guneet Monga , Anuraag Kashyap ,

Cast : Nawazuddin Siddiqui , Shweta Tripathi

Overview : Shlok Sharma who gave us Gangs of Wasseypur and Lunch Box gives us a movie that touches a bold subject

Story Line : The story is set up in a small village in Madhya Pradesh , where Shyam earns a decent living as a school teacher , In order to meet his and his wife ends he also gives tuitions at home . Among his students Sandhya (Shweta Tripathi) who is a 9th standard student whose father is police officer but her mother has left home ,  also studies at his home . During studies Sandhya who feels lonely and detach from love ,  gets attracted to Shyam her teacher , even Shyam is attracted and they both start meeting after classes and get intimated too , though Sandhya is under age . On the other hand there are Sandhya’s classmate Kamal (Irfan Khan ) and Mintu (Mohd Samad) , they too are in love with Sandhya , especially Kamal . When Kamal and Mintu come to know that Shyam and Sandhya are having an affair , are furious . They go and ransac Shyam’s House in frustration  , after that an incident happens that changes the scenario totally . What will happen to Sandhya and Shyam is for the audience to watch .

Script Review  and Director Analysis  : The movie throws light on the issue of under age affairs that are still going on in villages although as per indian penal code sex with under age girl is offensive . The movie script is poor and ends up awkwardly . It does not give any answers infact it leaves everyone with a question mark

Performances : Nawaazuddin as Shyam is totally perfect for this role . He has acted well and even Shweta has given a good performance .

Final Word : The movie is for the masses and not classes as it is not a commercial movie

Ratings : 2*/5*


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