Review of Movie Passengers

Director : Morten Tyldum

Cast : Jennifer Lawrence , Chris Patt

Rating : 2.5*/5*

Overview : Welcome aboard five star space craft , on a mysterious and enchanting space journey.

Story Line : The story begins with 5000 passengers and crew members board a five star luxurious space craft on a 120 years of voyage to Homestead II their  new home planet .All the passengers and crew members are suspended to hibernation that is deep sleep for 120 years to be awakened only four months before they reach their destination but unfortunately one of the passengers Jim (Chris Pratt ) awakes a 90 years earlier due to malfunction in his hibernation pod ,Jim’s cyro -pod makes him the only solitary person awake on this huge space craft . After a year of trying to fix and figure out what went wrong with his pod , and exploring each and every corner of the space craft , Jim reaches on the verge of insanity . All the luxuries  aboard the aircraft , swimming pool ,with view of the stars and multiple restaurants but everything is  a waste if there is no one to talk to . He finally decides to try and wake up a co passenger . He picks Arora (Jennifer Lawrence) , Once Aurora gets over the initial  futility and  frustrations , finally Aurora and Jim get close and fall in love . After one  year of romance , when Jim is about to propose to Aurora , Aurora learns that Jim had awakened her purposely , she gets furious with Jim , on the other hand the whole space craft is on the verge of getting destroyed . Will Jim be able to save the aircraft  and the life of 5000 passengers and crew member , what will happen to Jim And Aurora is for the audience to watch .

Script And Direction Analysis : The script of the movie lacks volume and meaning . It does not go is either way , space drama or a romance .Director Mortem Tyldum has made a mash up of several genres attempting desperately to make it a interstellar thriller but fails miserably .

Performances : Jennifer Lawrence performance is good but Pratts charm needed to be balanced out to capture the doom and frustrations of 2 individuals fated to spend the remaining years travelling through space .

Final Words : Though the movie is visually fantastic and special effects are sleek and beautiful but  too slow paced and directionless


















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