Review Of The Movie Befikre

Production House : YRF FILMS

Director : Aditya Chopra

Cast : Ranveer Singh , Vaani Kapoor

Overview : Aditya Chopra’s Befikre sums up to Live Care Free , Kiss Carefree and Love Carefree.

Story Line : The story begins with Dharam (Ranveer Singh) a Delhi Boy who travels to Paris to work at his friends club as a stand up comedian to earn handsome bucks . Being a playboy by nature at a party he tries hard to impress paris girls but none of them pays any attention him . At the same party he meets Shyra ( Vaani Kapoor ), who is a care free  Indian Girl but born and brought up in Paris so she is totally transformed into a Parisan Girl . Her care free nature draws Dharam to her and they both instantly hit up together . , from there onward their romance goes full on  leading them to an live in relationship , But alas after a year their their so called steamy romance becomes a emotional baggage for both of them and eventually they break up . They both part their ways only to meet up once again and they decide to be just good friends with no strings attached policy . They lock out romance from each other lifes and become friends . Shyra meets Anay who is equally care free like her yet a sophisticated investment banker , therefore perfect for Shyra according to her friends . Anay and Shyra get close and Anay proposes to Shyra atop the Eifffel Tower . On the other other hand even Dharam gets involved with a French girl , Shyra seeks opinion from Dharam as a friend to help her decide to whether to get married to Anay . Dharam on the face approves their marriage and tells her to go ahead but inside he does not like Anay’s closeness to Shyra . On the verge he also decides to marry his French girlfriend . What happens next will Dharam realse his feelings for Shyra  Have  both of them  really got over each other is for the audience to watch .

Performances  : Ranveer Singh as Dharam is perfect for the , his energy and ability to switch from fun and madness behaviour to emotional expressions works wonder for him . He has totally lived upto his character . Vaani Kapoor tries hard to impress but somewhere she misses it .Though her French is impressive and in the second half of the movie there is a dance act wherein Ranveer and Vaani have danced the sexy rumba steps beautifully . The choreography is excellent in this dance number . And chemistry between Ranveer and Vaani is excellent .

Script Review And Director Analysis : Aditya Chopra movie Befikre lacks any story . Aditya Chora has presented a blend of couple of recent movies . The only positive thing is that Aditya has presented the same story with the topping  of Romance in Paris.. The first half of the movie has the flavour of Hollywood Romance with steamy  kisses though they are not vulgar and the second half gives the flavour of YRF Romance  which is emotional . The Cinematography is excellent with best locations of Paris captured and presented  to audience as a fresh  bouquet of flowers .  The Music is foot tapping and youngster will enjoy .

The film depicts that the youth of today is totally confused with regards to their relationships , The film depicts the concept that   love is like bungee jumping and if you dare to love then just dive in with your brains shut .

Final Words : The movie will connect with the youth of today , the collegians who  strive to live life befikre ,and love  fun and frolic.

Ratings : 2.5*/5*

Watch the trailer by clicking on the link


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