Review of the Movie Kahani 2- Durga Rani Singh

Producer : Sujoy Ghosh , Jayantilal Gada

Director : Sujoy Ghosh

Cast : Vidya Sinha , Arjun Rampal , Manini Chaddha

Overview : Kahani 2 -Durga Rai Singh , is a sequel to Kahani (2012), but this a stand alone movie , with the story line which has no connection to the firs Kahani .Its just the extention of the title of the movie .

Story Line : The story begins with Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan ) , who is leading a simple life as a single mother and staying in a small town Chandana Nagar , Her only goal in life is to take her paralysed daughter to U.S.A for treatment . But unfortunately one day hell broke loose when her daughter mini gets kidnapped .Vidya gets a msg from the kidnapper to come to a particular place in order to rescue her daughter . She runs to get her daughter back but alas she meets with a bad accident , that  lands her  in the hospital in coma which the doc says is temporary concussions for  5 to 6 days . This hit and run case comes in the hands of sub inspector Inderjeet Singh (Arjun Rampal ) , Inderjeet Singh he visits the hospital only to be  shocked and sceptical that  the victim Vidya Sinha is not Vidya but Durga Rani Singh . Apparently He and Durga had shared a past together . But in order to prove that vidya is  durga rani singh h starts investigating  the case and becomes certain that Vidya is definitely Durga Rani Singh , also he comes to know from his senior that she is a wanted criminal in a kidnapping and murder case . Inderjeet is more determined now , he gets hold of Vidya’s Dairy . The mystery of Vidya’s dual identities deepens further by the incidents written in the book .Inderjeet further investigates the case leading to many twist and turns and also reveals the story of her tumultuous life that had led to this situation of kidnapping and murder . What is all this mystery of Vidya’s dual identity and who has kidnapped Mini whether  Vidya be able to get her daughter back from the kidnapper , when  she comes out of coma is for the audience to watch .

Performances : Vidya Balan as Durga Rani is a power house of talent . She has portrayed her role powerfully of a single mother who will go to any lengths in order to protect her daughter . She always balances her performance with a perfect blend of emotions and natural expressions .Arjun Rampal as Sub Inspector Inderjeet Singh has done a fantastic job , he has played a perfect cop with maintaining his expressions naturally thoughout the movie . Jugal Hansraj essays the role of the main antagonist . is fine . Debutant Manini Chaddha who plays Arjun Rampal’s wife is impressive .

Script Review And Director Analysis : Sujoy Ghosh has succeeded in giving the original Kahani a good sequel .. he has given us once again an intriguing movie that keeps the audience glued to the seats . The main twist is in the climax which is the USP of Sujpy Ghosh Kahani series . Although the first hakf of the movie is fast paced and adopts a dark tone with yellow light tones in background . , the second half becomes little slow in beginning but catcjes up towards the climax . A special mention to cinematographer (Tapan Basu /) who deserves a credit for shooting at brilliant locations in the interiors of west Bengal . Tapan Basu has shown snow laden  Kalimpong and small town Chandan Nagar is captured  bueatifully . The screenplay and direction of the movie leaves you intrigued till the end of the movie

Final Word : Kahani 2 is am excellently crafted thriller which is not to be missed . Its a good weekend watch

Ratings : 3.5*/5*


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