Arjun Rampal hosts a special screening of the teaser of DADDY for the family and friends of Arun Gawli

There are some moments that are said to go down in history.  National award winning actor, Arjun Rampal’s special screening of his upcoming biopic on Arun Gawli that he hosted for the family and friends of Gawli is one such moment that is sure to create history. Aptly titled as Daddy, the riveting teaser has first been shown to the inner circle of Daddy before being unveiled to the world via social media.

Present at the event were daughters of Arun Gawli, namely Geeta Gawli (In green with glares) and Yogita Gawli (in blue) and the close friends of Arun Gawli along with director of Daddy, Ashim Ahluwalia and Arjun Rampal. The duo has given over 4 years to create this cinematic genius DADDY.

Speaking about her reaction to the teaser, Geeta Gawli, daughter of Arun Gawli said that, “To see Daddy in person and on screen is very different. We cannot wait for the movie and are overwhelmed by the teaser. Arjun and Ashim have shown every aspect of our fathers life in this movie. We have no words to describe what we are going through. Over the last 3 years, Arjun has really understood my father and I really respect that he has kept his feelings in mind and made this movie while staying true to the ups and downs that he has endured in his life.”

Adding to this, Yogita Gawli said that “Arjun Sir has dedicated nearly 4 years to this project and no other actor shows such dedication. This teaser has given me goosebumps and brought my dad closer to me. To keep yourself grounded and face challenges is what my Father is all about and the teaser shows just that, The Only One Who Did Not Run holds so true for him and I am glad that that is a part of the teaser.”

A visibly moved, Arjun Rampal stated that, ” I have seen Ashim Ahluwalia’s work before and his aesthetic sense and work ethic is beyond amazing and that is why I approached him with this idea of directing Daddy. He was initially taken aback but then we went into research for over 2 years and after several look tests, we finally made this happen. I am so glad that the family has appreciated this teaser. Initially, i knew of the name Arun Gawli and when I researched his life, thats when i found out about his ups and downs and to justify that in the film, not to the public and the world, but to his family is our real challenge and I hope they like the movie as much as they have liked the teaser.”

Director Ashim Ahluwalia said that, “My most amazing experience was that when I first met Arun Gawli, he never had any demands like include this or exclude that, and thats what I appreciated as a filmmaker.  This is not a propaganda film, he allowed us to say it like it is and gave us creative freedom and I hope the public sees the same though the teaser and eventually the film”

Very few events leave the mark as this one. The teaser of Daddy will be released on the social media platforms of Eros Now at 4 pm today.

Eros International, Kundalini Entertainment and Karat Entertainment present DADDY, starring Arjun Rampal and directed by Ashim Ahluwalia to be released in 2017.

Image references

Geeta Gawli – In green attire with glares
Yogita Gawli – in blue attire
Ashim Ahluwalia- long hair and bearded man in all black

and others are friends of Arun Gawli



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