Shabana Azmi , Waheeda Rehman And , Raveena Tandon grace Anjali Chhabria’s book launch

Shabana Azmi, Waheeda Rehman and Raveena Tandon were present to support Psychiatrist Anjali Chhabria at the launch of her book: Death is not the answer.

The event was a starry affair with the woman of the moment, , Shabana Azmi, Wahida Rehman and Raveena Tandon, in attendance. The psychiatrist Anjali Chhabria even took to the stage to read out excerpts from different chapters of the novel. Kunickaa Sadanand Lall, Ila Arun actor Suresh Oberoi also came to root for the author. Not to forget, Raveena Tandon was in Kanpur and came bit the supportive friend as she stood by Anjali’s side on her big day.

Dr. Anjali Chhabria, founder of Mindtemple, finished her MMBS from J.J. Group of Hospitals in the year 1985 and has been a practicing consultant and   p

She has also been a part of esteemed panels for various television shows as well as a chief guest for contests such as Gladrags Mega Model and Man Hunt. Dr. Anjali Chhabria has been one of the first few to offer the newest treatments for mental disorders like Repetitive Trans-cranial Magnetic Treatment (rTMS) since 2011, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) since 2012 and Trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) treatment since the current year 2013 in affiliation with Delhi based Dr. Sanjay Chugh.sychiatrist for the past 20 years


 What is the book About ? Find Below

Did you know that India is the world’s suicide capital with over 2. 6 lakh cases reported every year? But what we know about the causes of suicide lags far behind our knowledge of many other life-threatening illnesses, partly because the stigma surrounding suicidal behaviour has limited society’s investment in suicide research. It is said that more than 50 per cent of all those who attempt suicide tell someone about their intention. So how do you recognize suicidal symptoms in people around you and get help?

From insights into the mind of a suicidal patient and understanding why one is driven to suicide to the right kind of intervention when suicide has been attempted and a list of suicide hotlines, this book is an attempt to help thousands who are questioning the motive of their life. It is just as useful to anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide and is looking for a way to overcome grief


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