The Legend Rajnikanth At The First Look Launch Of 2.0

Mumbai -20th Nov was an historical day in the world of Indian Cinema , where in Super Star Rajnikanth , Akshay Kumar , A .R.Rahman , Amy Jackson came in to launch the first look of Director Shanker’s 2.0 i.e robot 2.0 amidst a huge fanfare . A sequel to the 2010 film Ethiran (Robo in telegu and Robot in Hindi ). The film will see Akshay Kumar debuting into tamil film industry . He is playing the role of the Monster who will be Rajnikanths biggest nemesis.

Speaking on the occasion Akshay Kumar said that he had never done makeup in his entire career but in this film I have done all the make up of 25 years. It took me three hours to  put it on and one hour more oreto remove it daily . His evil looks in the movie is the highlight of the movie .

2.0 is been made at a whopping budget of 350 crores , highest in Indian Cinema . The movie will have sound system which has never been used till date , the latest technology . Rajnikanth was very excited about the first look launch . Sharing his experience with the media he said that Shanker is the difficult director to work with . He is a perfectionist that’s why he is one of the biggest directors . Rajnikanth was so impressed with Akshay Kumar that he said ‘Akshay is the hero of the movie , if I was given a chance I would have done Akshay’s role . Akshay also spoke about his experience with the super star
“Rajnikanth is not a a super star , he is the entire galaxy ” .

T he surprise factor of the evening hosted by Karan Johar was when Super Star Salman Khan walked into the event un announced . Salman confessed that he was not invited but when he heard that Rajnikanth was coming he could not resist , ‘ I just wanted to meet Rajnikanth , he is the most amazing man “. Talking about the first look and his dear friend Akshay Kumar Salman said ” I loved the teaser , Akshay is phenomenal . He is the only actor in Bollywood who has shown growth and only he could have dine this role ”

Salman jokingly told Karan Johar why he is not making such films like Shanker , leaving Karan Johar speechless .

Meanwhile when the media asked Rajnikanth when he would share screen space with Salman Khan , after having worked with Shahrukh Khan and now Akshay , Rajnikanth said that he is ready to work with Salman Khan any day , he can start a film with him even tom , the ball is in his court .

Well 2.0 is going to be one spectacular movie in Indian Cinema History , but we have to wait till Diwali 2017 for thismovie , meanwhile enjoy the first look 2-0-3


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