Review Of The Movie Force 2

Producer ; Vipul Amrutlal Shah

Director : Abhinay Deo

Cast : John Abraham , Sonakshi Sinha , Tahir Raj Bhasin

Overview : Force 2 is the sequel to Force (2011) , but this time it is directed by Abhinay Deo , earlier it was directed by Nishikant Kamat . Change of Director has led to a good and clean action thriller .

Storyline : The story begins with 3 of the R.A.W Agents been killed in different parts of Asia . From those Agents one happen to be best friend of A,C.P Yashvardhan ( John Abraham ) , Before dying his friend had send him a coded msg from china written in a book . Yash decodes the message and takes it to Head quarters of R.A.W . With the help of  Head of R.A.W,  yash manages to join R.A.W , he joins raw agent K.K (Kawaljit Kaur ) Sonakshi Sinha , together they set off to Budapest , as that was the msg that yash had decoded , their mission was to capture the traitor who is behind all the killings of R.A.W Agents plus protect their R.A.W Agents .
On reaching Budapest both Yash and K.K investigates a clue which leads them to the protagonist Shiv Sharma (Tahir Raj Bhasin ) , they further investigate and get the confirmation that Shiv Sharma is certailnely behind the killings . From there on a roller coaster ride begins between Yash , K.K and Shiv . In the first half of the movie they do manage to catch him but somehow he escapes from their hold  in a smart and planned way . In the meantime 2 more of the R.A.W Agents get killed , Yash and K.K have to work fast in order to catch hold of Shiv so that further their agents are not killed . Amidst this they also come to know that Shiv Sharma is not his real name , Who is he ? What is his motive behind all the killings of R.A.W Agents . ? Will K.K And Yash will succeed in their mission and save lives of other R.A.W Agents who are at the risk of getting exposed ? All this is for the Audience to watch .
Performances : John Abraham as A.C.P Yashvardhan is very good . He has acted well , his actions are well performed in an sequence . We get a glimpse of his bare chest , his body is well toned and Mascular ,  he does daring stunts which are mind blowing . One can see his skills as action hero which he has displayed to perfection . Sonakshi Sinha as K.K has nothing much to do except a few kicks here and there , Tahir Raj Bhasin as Shiv Sharma is fantastic . His chocolate face looks are very deceptive , even his dialogue are layered with chocolate but beneath   that chocolatey exterior there is a poisonous and nasty interior and intentions . He has played his character very perfectly . At one point of time he reminds us of Kasab the terrorist who had  similar character of innocent looks with layer of poison beneath it . Boman Irani and Genelia Deshmukh have a special apperances.

Director  Analysis And Script Review : This time Force 2 is directed by Abhinay Deo , I must say he is a brilliant Director , The action and the chase sequences are shown in an systematic way and are shot beautifully  across lanes of Budapest . The cinematography is brilliant . The locations of Budapest work like toppings on the Ice cream for the action sequences . The Director manages to build the base of the story in the beginning of the first half itself , the action sequences and the chase in the first half of the movie is brilliant that will glue you to the seat . It is a fast paced action thriller that one can enjoy .The  Director also have revealed the msg across that Indian Soldiers And R.A.W Agents who have lost their life for the country , their families should be given their dues and  fame and respect that they deserve .

Final Words : Force 2 is a good action thriller movie which is a must watch . Do watch it with your family and enjoy

Ratings : 3.5*/5*



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