Review Of The Movie Rock On 2

Production House : Excel Entertainment

Director : Shujaat Saudagar

Cast : Farhan Akhtar , Arjun Rampal , Shraddha Kapoor , Prachi Desai , Purab Kohli , Shashank Arora , Kumud Mishra.

Overview : Rock On 2 is the sequel to Rock On released 8 years ago

Story Line : The story begins with where it was left in the prequel 8 years ago . Post Magik Adi (Fahan Ahktar), K.D (Purab Kohli ) and Joe (Arjun Rampal ),had set up a talent management company promoting young talent in the field of music . One such young talent who had given his demo cd to Adi to hear , but due to his and his partners negligence leads to this guys tragic death . Adi . This tragedy brings an end to the magik band and their company . Adi goes away to Meghalaya to cope up  with his guilt and he dedicates himself for helping the poor people of Meghalaya . As shown in the Prequel that Adi had a tendency to run away from troubles instead  of facing them . Joe becomes owner of a club and also judges reality shows on Television . K,D has find some work   connected to music , but he still is on the look out for reconnecting the band . After 5 years he gets a ray of hope when he listens to a recording sent to him by Uday (Shashank Arora ) , which has Jiah’s compositions K.D once again tries to reconcile the band , he convinces Adi and Joe to include Jiah And Uday in the Band Magik and recreate magic in music . But the journey is not easy , there are many hurdles in  making this dream of K,D to become true . Adi is still in his gloomy mood . Jiah happens to be stage shy and also she coincidentaly happens to be the sister of the boy who had commited suicide and who was the root cause of the Magik Band Fall apart . On the other hand the village that Adi had adopted gets destroyed in forest fire . Govt had announced relief fund but due to corrupted govt officer who had a personal grudge against Adi , does not release payment to the villagers . Adi takes it upon himself to reform them by organising a rock show in Meghalaya Will he be able to  recrecreate the magic with magik band , What will happen when Jiah comes to know about Adi and his band being the cause of his brothers death is for the audience to watch


Performances :Farhan Akhtar as Adi has given an Mediocre performance. He is in a very gloomy state in the whole movie.

Arjun Rampal looks hot and smart

Purab Kohli ad K,.D has nothing new to offer


Shraddha Kapoor as Jiah seems totally lost in the movie ,


Shashank Arora , kUmud Mishra And Prachi Desai are all wasted


Scriipt and Director Review : After success of Rock On there were lots of expectations from the sequel but all expectations are wasted . The script lacks any substance . It goes haywire . The movie is dragging and slow with many scenes gone terribly wrong . Abhishek Kapoor who had directed rock on was replaced by  debut director Sujaat but he has made the movie direction less with a haywire script . Even the Music  by Shankar Ahsaan Loy is not impressive which shold have been as  it beind a music based movie .


Final Words : Rock on 2 movie and its Music fails to leave a mark . Its a very gloomy film


Ratings : 2*/5*


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