Review Of Movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Producer : Apurva Mehta. Hiroo Yash johar and Karan Johar

Director : Karan Johar

Cast : Ranbir Kapoor . Anushka sharma .Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Fawad Khan

Overview : Karan johar is known for heart churning love stories . That’s what we get to see in Adhm.

Storyline: The story begins with AYAN (Ranbir Kapoor ) who is an most eligible and aspiring singer  and millionaire bachelor based in London and also owns a private jet plane. He meets Alizeh (Anushka sharma) at a pub .Alizeh is a free spirited girl. They both hit as stone and fire and starting with few kisses they develop a strong relation of friendship and love. But both of them  have  different interpretation of love. Ayan wants true love but Alizeh who is heart broken before does not believe in love but genuine  friendship .Unexpectedly Alizeh one fine day finds herself face to face with DJ Ali (fawad khan) who had broken her heart before..But Ali  pleads for forgiveness and he wants her back in life.After much efforts Alizeh could not resist herself  decides to go back to him as she does really love him only, , they both get married  leaving  behind  Ayan , estranded and heart broken. With lots of pain in his heart he sings and records his first song which becomes a hit . Amidst all this  he meets Sabaa (Aishwarya rai bachchan) at the airport. Sabah is a poetess and also has her share of heart breakup. Sabaa and Ayan  instantly gets attracted to each other . but in this on off physical relationship somewhere on the line  Sabaa devolopes feelings for Ayan has   has feelings only for alizeh . this is where the movie becomes like a archetypal .

What will happen next what will AYAN do ?  Will Ayan be able to forget Alizeh ? Will Alizeh realise her love for Ayan ? What will happen to sabaa is for the audience to watch

Performances: Ranbir as AYAN has done a good job. He has just poured his heart out in this role depicting  different shades of emotions perfectly .Anushka as Alijez is very good and holds her  character strongly till the end  .Aishwarya is looking very glamourous in this movie .Her chemistry with ranbeer is mind blowing . Her eyes are very sensuous with which she has expressed her feelings intoxicatingly .. Fawad as DJ Ali has done total justice to his character. There is surprise element also played by Shahrukh khan who is Sabaa husband. Shahrukh delivers some great dialogues which is refreshing. Alia Bhat and  Lisa Hayden are cute they both     ..have special appearances

Director And Script Analysis : Karan Johar has returned to direction after 4 years. He has presented the movie in his grand and buetiful style. He has directed the movie brilliantly but inspite of all this the script gives a very bad jolt to  the movie .the script is weak , looks like bhelpuri of his previous movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai , Kal Ho Na Ho and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.  Whenever Karan has nothing to add he adds up putting in od  r.d burman songs  Cinematography is good . The Music is nice with Buliya and and title track which are already chartbusters .  The first half  of the movie is enteraining but second half is repetitive and dragging . Karan tries to convey a message that true love happens only once and it is only for that one person who is your soul mate , no matter how many more and attractive person we meet .

Final Word : Watch it for Ranbir Kapoor who has given an intense performance

Ratings : 3*/5*



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