Rani Mukerji’s designer sister in law, Jyoti Mukerji designs a Divine Goddess Durga Maa Poshak!

The North Mumbai Sarbojanin Durga Puja, hosted by Rani Mukerji family  is the most anticipated very year in Mumbai. Besides the warm hearted nature of the hosts, the bollywood celebrities too come to pay their obeisance to Maa Durga at their pandal in Juhu. Celebrities like Kajol,  Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt,  Ayan Mukherjee,Raja Mukerji, Tapas Pal, Moushmi Chatterjee etc who attended this year were in awe of the strikingly beautiful Durga Idol.

Jyoti Mukerji  who was given the responsibility for designing the Poshak with her partner, designer Bhumika Chedda came up with aesthetically designed outfit with Silver and Crystal embellishments as its theme.

Says Bhumika ” We wanted to have  Silver and Crystals as the core motifs because it symbolizes feminine energy, tremendous power, divine nature, wisdom, unleashing vast positive energies, besides gives a very festive vibes. Goddess Durga symbolizes the divine forces (positive energy) known as divine Shakti (feminine energy/ power) that is used against the negative forces of evil and  wickedness. She is the bestower of good fortune, Intelligence and supreme knowledge. Durga Devi represents power, strength, morality and protection.and we wanted our design to encapsulate all these qualities in our own humble way”

Both the designer duo ‘Bhumika & Jyoti felt it was a very humbling and spiritual experience whilst designing Goddess Durga Maa Poshak and would like to continue this tradition every year


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