Review of the Movie Mirzya

Production House : Cinestaan Films and Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra Pictures

Director : Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra

Cast : Harshvardhan Kapoor , Saiyami Kher , Anuj Chowdhary , Om Puri and Art Malik

Overview: A classic love story of Mirza And Sahibaan recreated in Two era the modern and classic from the makers of hits like Delhi 6 , Rang De Basanti and Bhag Milka Bhag Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra .

Story Line : The story revolves Mohnish (Harshvardhan Kapoor) and Suchi/Suchitra (Saiyami Kher ) who are childhood friends living in small town near jodhpur , they go together to school and help and support each other but unfortunately due to some gruesome crime tears them apart and Suchi and his father who is police officer leaves the city and Mohnish and Suchi are sererated . Years later Suchi returns to India for her engagement to a royal prince , Karan (Anuj Chaudhary ) , She desires to learn horse riding , Karan arranges for her to learn horse riding from Adil Mirza who is working at the Karan’s stable . During her learning she comes to know that Adil is actually Mohnish her childhood friend , their love is rekindled but there is huge status gap between the two of them and their horrific past will their love survive and what happens when karan comes to know about this is for the audience to watch . This love story of Suchi and Mohsin is shown collateral with the Legend of Mirza and Sahibaan, What is this legend, is for the audience to watch .

Performances : This is the Bollywood debut for Harshvardhan Kapoor but he does not have much to show case his acting skill , with very minimal dialogues , only his haggard look of stable boy and his horse riding portions prove that he has put lots of effort . This Kapoor lad is definitely her to stay

Saiyami Kher also debuts in this film , she looks luminous in the film . The challenge for both the debutant is to emote without much dialogues ,both have done a fine job . Also Saiyami in one scene has to run and ride the bike wearing dulhan lehenga weighing 14 kgs but she carries off the scene with ease .

Anuj Chaudhary as the prince has done a fabulous job , his carries his royal look impressively . , his sudden transition into a grey shade character is good. Art Malik has done a good job , Om Puri has done a cameo which does not contribute much.

Direction and Script Analysis :There is a lot of expectation from Rakesh Om Praksh Mehra and Gulzaar , but this team totally fails with this . Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra has presented the movie in a broadway musical style and ballet recital style where we see colourful rajasthani groups singing about what’s going to happen in the movie as the movie runs parallel with contemporary story of Mirza and Sahibaan and Suchi and Mohnish , this may confuse lots of audience and this will not connect with young generation as there is no passion shown between Suchi and Monish as expected

The script is lacking any volume and story has nothing new to offer . On the other hand the positive point pf the movie is its cinematography which is beuatifyll y shot across sand dunes of rajasthan and royal palaces , also snow- capped mountains of ladakh are shown beautifully and are a visual treat . The music is not that great though Daler Mehndi title track is good but his voice is too screcthy .

The slow pace of the movie is going to be a test of everyone;s patience .

Final Words: Mirzya is a romantic broadway ballet style movie with appealing visual presentation wh but it badly fails to impress the audience .

Ratings : 2.5*/5*


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