Review Of The Movie M.S.Dhoni -The Untold Story

Director : Neeraj Pandey


Cast : Sushant Singh Rajput , Anupam Kher , Bhumika Chawla , Rajesh Sharma , Disha Patani , Kiara Advani and many more .

Over view : The movie M.S Dhoni , the untold story , the title is very apt as it showcases unknown story behind the very successful Team India Captain M.S.Dhoni.

Story Line : The story revolves around M.S Dhoni (Sushant Singh Rajput ) , who is from Ranchi in Jharkhand and belongs to very middle class family , consisting of father Pan Singh Dhoni (Anupam Kher ) , who wants M.s to settle in a govt job in railways , and not just choose cricket as career . but his sister played by Bhumika Chawla supports him totally . Initially M.S is shown playing football as goal keeper but his coach played by Rajesh Sharma realises his talent and encourages him to play cricket . From there M.S Dhoni’s journey begin , how much hurdles he has to go through in order to make his presence in the world of cricket . The movie showcases his journey from Ranchi till reaching Team India and his winning world cup for india after 28 years . In this process he also works as T.C in railways . He faces many challenges from the governing bodies of selection team but he faces them with total confidence .

Performances : Sushant Singh Rajput is totally gone deep in his character . He has played his role to perfection , Sushant Singh hard work has paid off , he has incorporated his mannerism , totally . He has mastered even the cricket technicalites to perfection . He has succeeded in keeping you engrossed till the end , whether with his cricket strokes or with his personal life where in two ladies who entered his life , one played by Disha Patani , but unfortunately he loses her in accident , the pain of losing her is depicted by Sushant in a very suttle and real emotions . Sushant has played his role in such a way that you connect with him .Bhumika Chawla , Kiara Advani And Disha Patani have equally played well . Anupam Kher as Dhoni’s Father has done a very well job . Rajesh Sharma as the coach is fantastic .

Director And Script Analysis : Director Neeraj Pandey has done an excellent job , each sequence is shot very well , the screen play of the movie is excellent , Each character casting has been done to perfection . The background score of the movie is excellent , totally insync with the situations . The music is good . In the first half of the movie sees how M.S DHONI struggles and juggles between cricket and odd jobs . The second half shows his personal life and the historic moment of winning the 20 20 world cup . Though at some point the movie becomes slow but it very fast gets back on track . The script is fantastic.


Final Word : A must watch movie even if you are not a cricket fan this movie will make you fall in love with cricket .

Ratings : 4*/5*




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