Review Of The Movie Freaky Ali

489130-freaky-ali-poster-3Production House : Salman Khan Films


Director : Sohail Khan

Cast : Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Amy Jackson , Arbaaz Khan , Niketan Dheer , Jas Arora , Seema Biswas and Asif Basra.

Overview : The film showcases the journey of a common man but a talented person , who steps into the world of Golf which is considered as the Sports of the Elite class.

Story Line : Ali (Nawaazuddin) , is a simple guy hailing from a low class and who sells under garments along with his friend Maqsood (Arbaaz Khan ) , But due to dull business and in order to support his foster mother Ali and Maqsood start working for a local goon Danger Bhai (Niketan Dheer ) , they extort money from tycoons for Danger Bhai , During one such assignment Ali and Maqsood lands up at golf course , As Ali has a hidden talent of making 24 runs from 4 balls in his gully cricket , he by chance tries his hand at golf too , he excels in that too to the shock and disbelief of the business tycoon . There happened to be present Ali’s neighbour Kishanlal (Asif Bamra ) , who works as a caddie at the golf course . Seeing Ali’s talent Kishanlal encourages him to take up Golf and make a name for himself and lead a good life . He manages to take permission for Ali so he can practice at the golf Course and works towards making him a professional Golfer .Ali also manages to get a Manager for himself Megha ( Amy Jackson)who was previously Manager of Jas Arora who is a prince and has been at No 1 position for the past 5 years in professional golf . Jas is totally offended when he comes to know that Ali who belongs to a low class has entered their world of elite class . Ali has to face tough competition and hatred . What happens next will Ali be able to win the National level competition and make his place in this elite world is for the audience to watch .

Performances : Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ali is fantastic , his talent is obvious that he can pull of any role at ease.

Seem Biswas as Ali’s mother is overrated and too loud

Arbaaz Khan as Maqsood is fine . Amy Jackson has not much too do apart from dressing up nicely

Asif Bamra as the caddie has done his role to perfection .

Niketan Dheer as Danger Bhai is wasted .

What is Good : The first half of the movie is good with many punch lines and one liners that make u laugh giving the hint for the movie to be a comic movie and entertaining

What is Bad : Alas the second half of the movie goes haywire with unnecessary detour of double crossing and match fixing . Also a forced romance between Ali and Megha . Sohail khan as Director has directed a couple of films but there is no polishing in his work in the second half where he ends up making neither a comedy film nor a drama film .

Final Word : A one time watch

Ratings : 3*/5*



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