Review of the Movie Baar Baar Dekho


Producer : Karan Johar , Reitesh Siddhwani and Farhan Akhtar

Director : Nitya Mehra

Cast : Siddarth Malhotra , Katrina Kaif , Sarika , Ram Kapoor , Sayani Gupta


Overview : The movie is about time travel journey of love life of Jai and Diya

Story line : The story revolves round Jai (Siddarth Malhotra ) who is Vedic Maths Prof and Diya (Katrina Kaif ) , who are childhood sweet hearts and are on the verge of getting married , when Diya proposes marriage to Jai at first he agrees but soon after he gets overwhelmed by all the pre wedding functions as he lives his life as per mathematical calculations , so much so that he ask panditji to complete the wedding in 3 pheras , as he does not have time , panditji ties a knot to him and explains him the meaning of saat pheras , but he gets more exhausted and tells Diya that he has a offer from Cambridge University to work as Vedic Maths Prof and therefore he wants to settle there but Diya does not agree and they both fight , diya goes away and Jai drinks a lot and passes out . The next morning when he wakes up a miracle has happened and he wakes up in Thailand on his honeymoon with diya , he has leaped ten days ahead , he freaks out and is totally confused about what id happening to him with no memory of the intervining time . The next morning it’s a jump of 2 years , wherein he has moved to England as Maths Prof and the two of them are having a baby . Their marriage also seems to be cracking apart with him not giving much time to his family . The next jump takes him 16 years ahead , his son picks him up and takes him to a court in England , Jai assumes that the boy is getting married but eventually realises that he and Diya are there to finalize their divorce .

In the next leap Jai finds himself mourning his mother’s death and also realises that diya has married the owner of the art gallery . He totally freaks out and finds himself on the verge of dying alone . At that moment he realises his mistake and attempts to change his destiny by changing his behaviour and give more time to his family too and tries to balance both family and career . Will he be able to change his destiny before it becomes too late is for the audience to watch .


Performances : Siddarth Malhotra has done a good job in the film . He has acted well .

Katrina Kaif after so many years I s finally learning to act and express emotions .

Ram Kapoor is Hilarious

Director Nitya Mehra though she has shown the movie which is not realistic but beyond your imagination but she has managed to give a stong message to the new generation who are running only after their career and not able to give time to family , people have lost the gist of life that lies in small small moments of happiness within the family which is important . In the crave for future good life people have forgotten to enjoy the present and enjoy life .

Final Word : Though the movie will not connect with the masses as it is beyond their understanding . They can watch it for its beautiful locations and cinematography plus the music is good .

Ratings : 2.5*/5*



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