Review Of the Movie Dark Chocalate

Producer : Pradeep Churiwal

Director : Agnidev Chatterjee

Cast : Mahima Chaudhary , Riya Sen , Sudeep Mukherjee , Rajesh Singh

Overview : Based on true story of Sheena Bora Murder High Profile Murder case that was revealed in 2015 and was all over news and media and channels .


Story Line : The story revolves round Ishani Banerjee  (Mahima Chaudhary) who makes her debut comeback .,It’s a character based on Indrani Mukherjee . , Ishani is the wife of Big Ad Baron Victor Banerjee , She is arrested by the CBI and taken in custody for murder of her daughter Rina Bardhan , when Ishani’s driver Ram Charan (Rajesh Sharma) who is arrested by the police and he spills the beans on Rina’s Murder . He confesses that it was Ishani’s plan to kill Rina .

Upon Interrogation Ishani reveals that her second husband Shadab (Shataf figar) was also involved in the murder.

All three prime suspect Ishani , Ram Charan and Shadab are interrogated and all 3 have different version of the same murder .

We also get to see flashback strory of Ishani , which is a very tragic story of how Ishani who is a simple girl from Kolkatta who stays with her step father and mother , her step father sexually abuses her many times resulting her with a child rina , her journey is shown how she escapes from her step fathers trap and reaches Mumbai and how she meets Shadab and then ultimately meets Victor Banerjee .And how she climbs the social ladder . Then Rina makes an appearance (Riya Sen) , Ishani introduces her to Victor as her sister , after that Rina starts playing a game seducing Victor , what is her motive behind all this . There are many twist and turns in the movie which actually confuses you


What happens next what is the motive behind Ishani Killng her own daughter is for the audience to watch .


Performances : Mahima Chaudhary as Ishani has done a good job as she is the main protagonist

Riya Sen plays both the character of young Ishani and Rina , is good in some bits but don’t make an impact .

Indrasish Roy and Mumtaz Sorcar who play CBI officers try their best tp play their part well but their acting looks not effortless , they even use cuss words often and it looks forced .

Director Agnidev Chatterjee looks like he has picked up reports from news channels and newspaper and made it into a movie . it seems he has not done his research at all before making the movie .

The editing is bad plus the language used is totally cuss , very bad language used,


Final Words : The film has no finesse , totally badly executed . Not worth watching at all.


Ratings : 1.5*/5*


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