Review of the Movie UnIndian

Director : Anupam Sharma

Cast : Tannishtha Chatterjee , Bret Lee , Supriya Pathak , Akash Khurana , Pallavi Sharda and Gulshan Grover


Overview : A cross over Love Story , feel good look and also marks the debut of Australian Cricketer Brett Lee.

Story Line : The movie is set in Australia , where Meera (Tannishta Chaterjee) , who is a single mother , is an independent lady taking care of her daughter , occasionally harassed by her concerned mother who wants to get her marry again to a well settled Indian doctor who is a Cardiologist  . But Meera is not interested in getting married until , She meets Will ( Bret Lee) , who along with his 2 besties were at a holi party . Will is an English teacher at an Institute in Sydney . Will totally gets bowled over by Meera . He tries hard to win her heart , but though she is fascinated by him but she always manages to keep him at bay , due to her tragic past . Will decides to take help from his Indian Friend T K ( Aarka Das ) , to learn more about Indian culture and Community , so that he can make his place Meera’s Heart . But with huge cultural differences , the strong ICN (Indian Community Network ) , and Meera’s tragic past , Meera’s daughter is also sceptical about him . as she feels that he will take away her mother from her , Whether Meera will fall for him , will her daughter and the Indian Community accept this UnIndian , is for the audience too watch . There is also Meera’s Ex Husband who adds a twist to this romantic story what that twist ofcourse is for the audience to watch ,


Final Anaiysis : Unindian is a romantic comedy movie , though some of such cross over movies are there in past like Bride And Prejudice , American Desi and many more , but this movie is a lovely addition to the bunch , this movie depicts cross cultural romance between Meera and Will with freshness , it gives a feel good feeling to the audience .

Performances : Bret Lee is charming and acted well for his debut movie . He will win over your heart with this ininings . Tannishta is a power house of talent . She proves that she can play light as well as serious roles with ease . Supriya Pathak as Meera’s Mother is perfect as Indian Concerned Mother , Arka Das has played his character well , Others are good as per their role .


Final Word : A beautiful light cross cultural romance , watch it for Bret lee who will bowl you over with his charm .

Ratings : 3*/5*




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