Review Of The Movie Happy Bhag Jayegi

Director : Mudassar Aziz

Cast : Abhay Doel , Diana Penty , Ali Fazal , Jimmy Shergil , Piyush Mishra , Kawaljeet Singh . Momal Sheikh.

Overview : The Movie sees Abhay Doel and Diana Penty on the silver screen after a long time .

Story Line : In Amritsar at the one hand Happy ( Diana Penty ) , is getting married which is an arranged marriage to Daman Singh Bagga ( Jimmy Shergil ) , but as Happy is in love with Guddu ( Ali Fazal ) , they both decide to elope on the day of her wedding , on the other hand Pakistan Former Governor Javedl Ahmed ( Javed Khan ) along with his son Bilal Ahmed ( Abhay Doel ) , are in Amritsar for Agro Conference , where in Agro products are to be delivered to Pakistan from India . Coincidentally the truck with Agro products is stuck in the middle of the wedding of Happy and Bagga , Happy and Guddu haad made a plan that Happy would escape in the truck loaded with flowers but lo accidentily Happy jumps in to the truck with Agro products and she unknowingly reaches Pakistan at Bilal . Ahmed residence. When Bilal Ahmed comes to know that she is an Indian Girl , he tries to deport her back to India before his father comes to know about her , but Happy creates a havoc over there , takes the whole of Lahore on her head , she tells him if she goes back her father will force him to get married to bagga , Fed Up Bilal agrees to help her to get her married to Guddu and agrees to bring Guddu to Pakistan . On the other hand Bagga Kidnaps Guddu with the assurance that Happy will come to him for the sake of Guddu .

Bilal Ahmed along with the help of , police Acp Afridi ( Piyush Mishra ) , makes a plan to bring Guddu to Pakistan , They disguise themselves as Owner of Msic Company They manage to convince Bagga to give permission to Guddu to travel to Pakistan for a musical Show . From there onwards a roller coaster ride starts , with Guddu , Bagga and Happy’s Father all reaching Pakistan . But Bilal is determined to unite Happy and Guddu , but on this journey he himself also falls in love with Happy inspite of the fact that he is already engaged to Momal Sheikh . What happens to love story of Happy and Guddu will Bilal come in Between , what happens to Bagga will he win or loose the girl is for the audience to watch .


Script and Director Analysis : The script comes as the surprise , the movie has very funny moments , especially the Urdu Dialges by Piyush KMishra will blow your heart , For a change its not an Hindustani and Pakistani Romance but something different , instead both India And Pakistan are shown in different light , the movie has good comic dialogues , The director Mudassar Aziz who had given us Dulha Mil Gaya has definitely uplifted with this moviwe , There is no dull moment , that is the positive note but on the negative note , the 2nd half of the movie has many sub plots which makes the audience confuse and even the climax is rushed in . It could have been good if the 2nd half could match with the first half . The Music is average no foot tapping nos here.


Performances : This is 2 nd movie of Diana Penty , she has definitely improved , her character is bubbly and reminds us of Geet from   Jab We Met but she does not come off as convincing but still hats off to her for her efforts to take that off .

Abhay Doel as Bilal is awesome and Charming and has pulled off his character perfectly.

Ali Fazal as the lover boy Guddu is shown as an emotional character he has done a decent job

Jimmy Shergil as Bagga once again does not get the girl , his role which is partially villain is likeable .

Piyush Mishra as the Pakistani Cop is the best with his Perfect Urdu – Hindi translation jokes adds the comic flavour to the, movie .

Pakistani Actress as, Momal Sheikh as Bilal’s fails to stand out , she has done an average job

Final Word : Happy Bhag Jayegi is a breezy Entertainer that has many funny moments . One will not get bored so do watch it , once .


Ratings : 3*/5*


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