Review of the Movie Mohenjo Daro


Director : Ashutosh Gowarikar


Cast : Hrithik Roshan , Pooja Hedge , Kabir Bedi and Arunoday Singh .


Overview : The film is a period drama set in the era of 2016 B.C in format of The Indus Valley Civilization .

Story Line : The story begins with Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) , who is a indigo peasant who stays with his uncle and aunt in Amli Village , Sarman is alwys approached by the villagers when some danger situation arrives , in league of that Sarman is found to fight with a crocodile that is harassing the villagers that is the opening scene , this gives the audience judgement about how powerful he is . ,

After hearing big thimgs about a neighbouring town where his uncle goes for trade pupose , Sarman convinces his uncle to send him for trading in Mohenjo Daro , reluctantly his uncle agrees to send him . As soon as he reaches Mohenjo Daro , he feels strange similarity with the place , as he used to get visuals of this place and a single horned goat in his dreams ,omehow he feels that he belongs to this place . But Mohenjo Daro is ruled by Maham (Kabir Bedi) , and his son Monjo (Arunoday Singh ) , Maham is a very cruel ruler who is a gold digger , he goes to extremes and illtreats the citizens of Mohenjo Daro , Sarman is very disappointed to see all this and decides to go back , but then he meets Chaani (Pooja Hedge ) , who is the daughter of the priest and who is believed to be blessed by Sindhu River Goddess , Sarman instantly falls in love with her , but Chaani’s wedding has been fixed with Monjo , Sarman takes a stand to fight with the cruel Maham and his son , for Chaani .

Maham comes to know about this , he challenges Sarman to fight with the kingdom’s 2 Human Beast ,   for chaani , On the other hand Sarman also comes to know about his connection with Mohenjo Daro , What happens next whether Sarman wil survive fight with the killer beast and what is the connection with this land of Mohenjo Daro is for the audience to watch .

Performances : Hrithik Roshan with his tan body and gothic looks is a heart stealer , All the action scenes are played very well by him .

Pooja Hedge does not have much to do but she looks like a model in the movie more than an actress .Kabir Bedi as Maham is excellent as such roles can only be played by him , he will remind you of reflection of a Pirate .

Arunoday Singh has played his part well


Plus Points : The movie is a visual delight , the vfx used are excellent , especially in the climax scence when the Sindhu River turns into a tornado , Recreating that era of 5000 years ago is not a joke , Hats off to the Director . The Costume Designer Neeta Lulla has done an excellent job ,the costumes are very authentic , hats off to her . She has researched a lot about costumes in that era .

Minus Points : The Script of the movie is lacking very badly , Ashutosh Gowarilar should have presented the movie as a historical drama but instead he has presented it as a common love story story , the fight between good and evil . Its same old Bollywood story just set in that era . He should have shown what was   Mohenjo Daro civilisation and how it was destroyed , but the story has gone in wrong direction .

All the big sets are fabulous but they are a big waste

Music is not extra ordinary , Background Music is good but sometimes too loud .

The movie is too slow and dragging , especially in the first half .

Final Word : If you are expecting it to be a historical drama then you will be highly disappointed .

Watch it only for its Visuals and Vfx and Ofcourse Hrithik Roshan

Rating : 2*/5*


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