Review of the Movie Rustom

Director : Tinu Suresh Desai


Cast : Akshay Kumar . lleana D’Cruz , Arjan Bajwa , Esha Gupta


Overview : Rustom is based on true story Of 1959 , case of Naval Officer Mr Nanavati which had shocked the nation

Story Line : The story Revolves round Navy Commanader Rustom Pavri (Akshay Kumar ) , who marries Cynthia Pavri (Illeana D’cruz) who is from England . After Marriage they started living in Bombay , as in 1959 Mumbai was known as Bombay , as Rustom was from Bombay , Life is good both are deeply in love with each other until they meet Vikram Makhija ( Arjan Bajwa ) and his sister played by Esha Gupta , though all 4 of them became good friends but there is under line motives . Rustom goes off to duty on INS Mysore for six months , when he returns he finds out that his wife Cynthia is not at home since day before , suspicious he searches her cupboard and finds out that his wife is having an affair with Vikram Makhija , he is angry and after confronting his wife , he goes to Naval arms and ammunition dept , borrows a gun and goes to Vikram’s house to shoot him .  but before he goes to Vikram’s house he makes a trunk call from GPO to the Minstry of defence ,Later he even goes to Police Station and surrenders himself , the police are shell shocked like the rest of the nation . Preeti wants Rustom to be punished , she appoints a top most lawyer , A Parsi press owner (Kumud Mishra ) plays the parsi card to support gain , and also gets a defence lawyer for him but Rustom is determined to be his own Lawyer . Rustom gives his opening statement that he is not guilty , though he himself had surrendered but in the court and jury he pleads that he is not guilty , from there onwards the court room drama begins , there are many twists and turns in the court room , What was the real truth was Rustom Patriotic or a murderer Was he guilty or innocent and what was the phone call to defence ministry all about is for the audience to watch .

Performances : Akshay Kumar as Rustom excels , this is 3rd film with the producer Neeraj Pandey that Akshay has done the first 2 been Special 26 and Baby , the combo is working good for Akshay , Akshay looks very smart in the uniform of Navy Officer , he has acted as a real Commander of Navy .

Ileana looks lovely in the film , she has played her part well , Esha Gupta has played her part well as a revenge seeking sister of Vikram , her eyes expressions are good , it will give you jitters , the rest of the characters have played there part perfect .

The movie is very well directed by Tinu Suresh Desai , has very well taken this subject of the Nanavati vs the state case which was one of the most popular trails the country had witnessed After all in a very few trails , the accused has gone scott free even if everyone knows he has commited murder . His popularity as a Naval Officer was the tak of the town , with people supporting him from all over the nation , the director has very well adapted this , he even recreated the 1959 era on screen , hats off to him . The movie has some scenes of comedy scenes too between the judge and prosecution lawyer and the press owner which will lighten the atmosphere in the serious court drama . The first half of the movie is bit slow , but the 2 nd half is very interesting which will hold your grip to the seats .

Final Words : A must watch movie which unfolds the curios and mysterious murder mystery .

Rating : 3.5*/5*

rustom 1


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