Review of the Movie Madaari

Director : Nishikant Kamath

Cast : Irrfan Khan , Jimmy Sheirgill, Tushar Dal

Overview : The title of the movie is very apt , how a madaari controls animals to present a good show , same way in this movie Irrfan Khan is Madaari who manages to bring the corrupt political leaders down on their knees .

Story Line : Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan Khan ) is a simple common man who has a family consisting of wife and a son , but due to some reasons his wife has left him , so he is a single parent to his child , working hard to make his ends meet . One unfortunate day an incident occurred and he loses his only son , his son was succumed to a bridge collapsed while enroute to his school , the collapsed of the bridge was due to corrupt and negligent political leaders . Irrfan as a common man approaches the political leader for help but everyone turns a blind eye , Irrfan is frustrated for many months  even trying to commit suicide but then he decides to abduct the son of Home Minister , who is studying in Dehradun  . From there the roller coaster ride starts , between him and Home Minister and his team of investigation officers headed by Jimmy Sheirgil , Sheirgil is appointed to track down Nirmal , who escapes with Rohan son of the Home Minister in interior parts of Rajasthan and Uttaakhand . The only goal of Nirmal to kidnap rohan was to make the Home Minister realise the pain the pain and anguish of  losing your own flesh and blood . Does he succeed in getting the Home Minister to reveal the truth and corruption behind bridge collapse , is for the audience to watch . more interesting is how he does it to  watch .

rformances : Irrfan Khan is known  for his thought provoking movies . Even this time he picked a script which throws light on India’s Chronological evil corruption .Irrfan is the show stealer . His depiction of pain through his eyes is very well highlighted and it connects with the viewers .Jimmy Sheirgil  as Nachiket Verma is brilliant . Even the small boy rohan has played his role well .Director Nishikant Kamat who has given us off beat films like Mumbai Meri Jaan and action thrillers like Force and Rovcky Handsome , this time given us socio political genre .He has punched this tale of corruption as an eye opener for generations to come

Final Word : Though Madaari is not a commercial movie but it is a must watch for all people as it is high time that we take steps to knock out corruption from our country and don’t let corrupt leader rule us .

Ratings : 3*/5*


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