Review of Movie Sultan

Production house :Yash Raj Films

Writer & Director :Ali Abbas Zafar
Cast :Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda, Amit Sadh.
Overview : Salman means Entertainment Entertainment and Entertainment.
Storyline: The story revolves round Sultan (Salman Khan), who is son of a farmer from small village of rewri in haryana. He is an easy go lucky guy until he meets Aarfa (Anushka Sharma). who is a wrestler and a state champion ,  but she believes that she will marry only that person for  whom she has respect .To win her heart sultan decides to take up wrestling but aarfa is not impressed and she insults him badly. That hurts Sultan badly but luckily  that turns into a stepping stone for him to take up wrestling seriously.. He puts his best efforts and is able to win many matches and win medals,  m Even aarfa also gets impressed and they get married. Sultan continues to be a successful wrestle winning gold medal at the Olympics but all this success makes him arrogant. The arrogance cost him life of his child and aarfa leaves  him. His world is shattered and he leaves wrestling too. But he has a goal to achieve but has no means to achieve it
At that moment Amit Sadh approaches him.  He runs a company MMA who promites wrestlers on big scale. He along with help from sultan’s freind convinces him to start wreslting again. Sultan goes to Delhi but due his lost pyhsique he has to go through very vigorous training under Randeep Hooda but when he is in ring he is aghast by style used by foreign wrestlers he seems lost. From there onwards his journey begins to fight for his own selfrespect and also to get back  respect and love in the eyes of  aarfa. What happens ahead is for the audience to watch.
Performances: Salman Khan as Sultan has given the best performance of his career. His training and hardwork has paid off.  Anushka as Aarfa is a bomb. She has given a power packed performance. All supporting actors have acted well. The Director Ali Abbas is very focused. He has created a master piece be it editing, Screenplay and the script, Music is  good especially a good sufi song by Sukhwinder Singh  Thr are some humorous moments too.
Final Verdict: A must watch movie. The best eidi gift by Salman Khan to his fans
Rating :4*/5*


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